Week 9: Lion Lowdown’s NFL Picks

James Gullett: (( last week 0-0), Season 14-9)

Lions at Packers
Pick: Lions 27-10
Reason: Lions are in prime time on Monday night against their division rival. With no Rodgers, the only person on offense the Lions have to worry about is their rookie RB Aaron Jones.

I see the Lions taking this one pretty easy. Stafford and Quin will both have big games.

Rams at Giants
Pick: Rams 24-10
Reason: Rams have had a great year so far lead by Goff. This week should be a pretty easy one for the Rams. Gurley should be able to control the tempo of the game and the defense will control the Giants offense.

Bengals at Jaguars
Pick: Jaguars 21-14
Reason: Jacksonville has a great defense. The defensive front will consistently provide pressure on Dalton. So far this season, sacking QBs at an all-time record pace.

Redskins at Seahawks
Pick: Seahawks 14-10
Reason: Seahawks are at home with an upgraded new left tackle and have a better defense. I’ll take Seattle due to their defense’s ability to shut down Cousins.

Broncos at Eagles
Pick: Eagles 14-7
Reason: This game is hard to call. A very good offense against a very good defense. With the Eagles being the home team and the team with the better quarterback, I will give them the win. Broncos defense is very good but with Brock Osweiler at the helm, their defense will be on the field a lot.

Jace Osborn-Sweet: (( Last week 0-0) Season 11-12)

Lions at Packers:
Pick: Lions 35-21
Reason: With Rodgers out and Detroit around 90% healthy, I see this as our 2nd win in Lambeau since 1991. I don’t think Hundley will get it done throwing 2 INT vs a vaunted lions secondary. If Detroit can move the ball consistently, this won’t be close.

at Giants:
Pick: Rams 24-14
Reason: These Giants are ice cold and the Rams are red hot. With Jenkins out, that hurts this secondary more than you’d think. Goff will have a good night as well as Gurley. The Giants O-Line won’t be able to keep Eli upright.

at Jaguars:
Pick: Jaguars 21-17
Reason: Depending on which Jaguars offense shows up, I see this is a pretty easy win for them. This Jags defense is elite.

at Seahawks:
Pick: Seahawks 31-17
Reason: This Redskins team just hasn’t been able to get it going and the Seahawks are coming off of a 4-game win streak. They take this one at home.

at Eagles:
Pick: Eagles 28- 10
Reason: The Broncos are fading and Eagles are only getting better. After adding Jay Ajayi and already being a top offense, they will put up points. My main concern is the Broncos offense. Osweiler is back at the helm and I don’t see him being able to handle the Eagles D.

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