Week 9: 5 Players Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

5 Who Impressed:

1. DT AShawn Robinson:

Robinson had a key field goal block and later in the game, he was almost able to get his hand on another. In addition to the field goal block, Robinson was able to get three tackles.

2. QB Matthew Stafford:

Stafford carved the Packers defense for an outstanding 26 of 33 and a 79% completing rate while also accumulating 361-yards and two touchdowns. Stafford also didn’t throw a single interception for the second straight week.

WR Marvin Jones:

Jones has really stepped up the last three weeks. Against the Packers, Jones was able to snag seven catches for 107-yards and two touchdowns.

4. WR Golden Tate:

Tate had a big game against the Packers with seven catches off nine targets. Tate was able to get 113-yards, with 73 of those coming after the catch. Tate is on pace for more than 90 catches this season which would give him four years of 90 catches or more–a new Lions franchise record currently held by Herman Moore.

5. CB Darius Slay:
Slay was being Slay. This guy can almost do no wrong. After coming off an amazing performance shutting down Antonio Brown last week, Slay shuts down Jordy Nelson.

5 Who Did Not:

1. RB Ameer Abdullah:

One of the only two people that should be on a list of people who had a bad game. Sorry in advance for the other three added to round out the bottom five; I had to find someone.

Abdullah went to Caldwell and asked him for a bigger role. He said he could return kicks and asked to be the goal line back. Caldwell gave him one of those wishes and allowed him to get some work on the goal line where Abdullah scored a touchdown but also fumbled late in the game. Now this would not be too big of a deal if he did not already fumble once before in this game. Even though Abdullah had zero fumbles though seven games this year, two in one game makes you question if he can carry the entire workload for the running game.

With 21 carries, Abdullah was only able to manage 48-yards for 2.3 yards per carry.

2. Jim Caldwell:

Caldwell some how keeps making elementary school mistakes. I understand there are a lot that goes on during a game but he literally had only 10 players on the field on the 3rd down goal line play.

3. P Sam Martin:

Martin did not have to punt at all in this game, however with so few Lions having a bad game, I’ll add him here due to his short kickoffs. Normally Martin is a guaranteed touchback, however in this game, all of his kicks were short of the goal line. Maybe it was by design, maybe it wasn’t. 

4. K Matt Prater:

Prater had a good game–his only miss was from 55-yards– which I don’t really fault him on. However, I do need to come up with 5 players that could improve on their game.

5. Lions Goal Line Offense:

Lions goal line offense was simply pathetic. The red zone offense had gotten better, however the goal line is still very lackluster. The Lions will work on this and hopefully fix this issue in weeks to come.

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