Week 9: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

The Detroit Lions continue to rack up losses. This time, it was to the Oakland Raiders. If not for a horrible showing from the Lions defense, the offense might have been able to pull it off. Here are some individuals who impressed and a few who did not.

5 Who Impressed:

1. QB Matthew Stafford

Stafford, once again, went off for a huge game on Sunday. He amassed 406 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. His lone interception was a great play by the defender and sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the defense and accept there are playmakers on both sides of the ball. Besides the interception and debatable blame for a fumbled exchange, Stafford had an MVP type performance.

2. RB J.D. McKissic

McKissic was the running back who dropped the handoff on the fumble in my opinion. But like Stafford, besides that one play, had a solid game with his opportunities. McKissic led the Lions in rushing yards, despite having half the attempts as rookie RB Ty Johnson.

In addition to his rushing yards, McKissic added an additional 40 yards in the air, being only behind Jones, Golladay, and Hockenson on the team. A solid 70+ total yard game for him.

3. WR Kenny Golladay

Golladay led the Lions in receiving yards with 132 on only four catches. He was a force on Sunday and took the top off of the defense with some big gains. In addition to his yards, he also had a touchdown.

4. WR Marvin Jones

Jones led the Lions with eight catches on Sunday — double the amount of any other Lions player. He also had 126 yards and a touchdown. One of the top-three Lions receivers always seem to be at or around 100 yards every week. You never know which one will be Stafford’s favorite target, but at least one will have a big game.

5.CB Darius Slay

May seem like an odd choice considering how he did not make many plays and only had two tackles in run support. However, that was by Derek Carr’s design. Carr did not target Slay once the whole game. Either he did not want to test the corner or Slay never allowed his man to get open at any point. Either way, in a defense where nothing is going right, this is noteworthy.

5 Who Did Not:

1. RB Ty Johnson 

Johnson is just not showing what he did in the preseason. I understand he faced teams second and third string defenses, but he was also running behind backup quality blocking as well. Johnson did play the most snaps for the running backs, but with McKissic showing more on passing and running downs, Johnson’s snaps will be on a decline.

2. LT Taylor Decker

Decker had the best game for a left tackle according to PFF this week, but he is on my list for his consistent penalties. He had a holding call which negated a nine yard run by McKissic. That’s a 19-yard swing.

3. TE Jesse James

In a game where Stafford had 406 yards and was throwing all over the field, James had a total of three yards on one catch.  Stafford threw the ball 41 times and only managed to find James open on one. To be fair, James does not take a ton of snaps, but he could also make better use of the ones he gets.

4. DE Da’Shawn Hand

Hand can simply not stay healthy. Its too early to tell, but we may have another Ziggy Ansah on our hands. When he can play, he is a difference-maker, but that is seldom at this point early into his career.

5. FS Will Harris  

Harris had a rough day. Missed tackles, blown coverages, the works. He was making the first start of his career, so I don’t want to be too harsh on the kid, but he ends up on the wrong side of the list this week.



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