Week 8: Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks predictions

The 3-3 Detroit Lions come home to host the 3-3 Seattle Seahawks. The Lions are riding high and feeling good after winning three of the last four games. Taking down the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers at home helped them to validate the Matt Patricia path that they are traveling. Then, last week, they went on the road to 4-2 Miami, where the Dolphins have been unbeaten this season and have won the past five games when the temperature was over 85 degrees. Pregame temperature of 90 with lots of sun, however, did not keep the Lions from grabbing a solid win.

Bruce Walker (@smoke25):

This year feels different, folks. The Lions are now beating good quarterbacks and teams with winning records on the road. They appear prepared and focused to overcome challenges that have defeated them in the past. The Miami heat? No problem. Need a running game? On it. No turnovers to an opportunistic defense? Check.

Suddenly, the Seahawks 3rd ranked pass defense does not seem so daunting. Their 24th ranked run defense actually looks a little…inviting.

According to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News,

“Opposing quarterbacks have had a 79.9 rating against the Seahawks, the third-lowest in the NFL. Not one QB has individually topped 100 in a game against them this season.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford has a passer rating in excess of 100 for five straight games, both personal and franchise records!

Something has to give.

I’m predicting that it will be the Seahawks. Their offense, while potentially dangerous, has been largely unimpressive. They rank 28th in total yards, 23rd in total points.

The Lions, meanwhile are improving every single week! Wait. I’m forgetting something…Oh, yeah. We just picked up the best run-stuffing defensive tackle in the game for a 5th round draft pick. Welcome to Detroit, Snacks!

The Ford Field crowd will be energized and the Lions will rule the day in a convincing way.

Detroit Lions 32 — Seattle Seahawks 21

James Gullett (@gullett_James):

Between Kerryon Johnson giving the Lions a credible threat running the ball and Stafford being on top of his game the last five weeks, things are really trending up for the offense.

I like the Lions chances this week. Between the Seahawks weak offensive line and below average receiving corps, I expect the Lions to load the box to slow down the Seahawks somewhat surprising formidable run game. Not to mention, the Lions added one of the best run-stopping defensive tackles in the game, Damon Harrison.

If the Lions can keep pressuring Russell Wilson and limit their ground game, I see the Lions offense taking care of business.

Detroit Lions 20 — Seattle Seahawks 10

Logan Lamorandier (@LLamorandier):

All of a sudden, the Lions biggest position of weakness (DT) at the beginning of the season looks like a strength going into week 8. The Lions have beaten great quarterback-led teams this year, but have struggled mightily against opponents that can run the ball at will. Now, with the addition of “Snacks” Harrison, that may not be the case. It will all depend on what type of snap count Harrison will be on.

The Seahawks have had a solid rushing attack which is semi-worrisome for Lions.

Russell Wilson has not been as flashy this year as he has been in years past, but he is still a huge threat. Given that Wilson has the propensity to ad lib when dropping back, I would say that actually helps the Lions defense as forcing quarterbacks to hold the ball has been their game plan all year long.

As it relates to the Lions offense, the rushing attack will once again have a prime opportunity to find success. You look at the Seahawks secondary and the Lions also should be able to exploit some mismatches. I’ll give Seattle defense credit though, they have played very well against the pass this year.

In saying this, I do believe this is a game Detroit “should” win. As long as they stick to their game plan and things don’t go off the rails, the Lions are the better team.

Detroit Lions 31 — Seattle Seahawks 27

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