Week 8: Lions vs Giants Predictions

The 2-3-1 Detroit Lions host the 2-5 New York Giants this week. The Lion Lowdown writers offer their predictions for this week’s game.

The Detroit Lions are in the midst of a three-game losing streak. The New York Giants are in the same boat. From a certain perspective, the Lions have a much stronger team across the board and are 6 1/2 point favorites to beat New York today.

Bruce Walker (@smoke25):

The Giants are currently a turnover machine, and not in a good way. They are minus ten in turnover differential, which has contributed to their three-game skid.

On the other hand, the Lions are giving up 139.2 yards per game on the ground, so Saquon Barkley could end up running for 300 yards today.

The Lions definitely have a better offense and are gaining the eighth most yards in the league at 380.3 yards per game. The Giants meanwhile, rank twenty-fourth at 328.6 yards per game.

On defense, the Lions are almost as bad as it gets, ranking thirty-first with an impressive 428.8 yards given up per game, but the Giants aren’t far behind. They are twenty-eighth and defensively give up 388.4 yards per game.

Now I think all of that is important, but that’s not going to be what this game comes down to.

The Lions traded Quandre Diggs midweek and it appeared to have a jarring effect in the locker room. Several players, including Darius Slay were vocal in social media expressing their shock and displeasure.

I happen to like the move. I said back in April that I thought Diggs would be facing some of the stiffest competition of his career this year and may not even make the team. When he was voted in as Captain, I thought I had underestimated his value. After the trade was announced, it appeared that Bob Quinn had attempted to shop him throughout the entire league and did not find any takers until the Seattle trade.

This is why I like the move: I think the players need to recognize that performance trumps camaraderie. Maybe that was not the case before.

Just because they get along and have a strong bond does not mean that they’re going to perform as needed on game day.

I always thought Diggs was a scrappy player, but his play on the field this year was definitely not as impactful as it has been in the past.

When Slay voiced his frustration at the trade, he brought up the fact that Diggs was a Pro Bowl alternate last year and Captain this year. He did not bring up the missed tackles or poor pass coverage by Diggs this year. I wonder if he realizes that performance was a factor in this trade?

It’s not about what you did last year. And this year’s team has zero room for complacency.

Slay will have at least another week to cool his heels anyway. He will not play today as he tries to heal from a hamstring injury.

Anyway, the reason that applies to today’s game is that the trade has had an obvious effect on the players. The question is what do they do now? If that trade has an effect like when the team traded the popular and talented Golden Tate last year, then the Lions are going to struggle on the field today. Then this team is a lot farther from being a serious contender than previously thought.

Make no mistake, the Kansas City Chief’s and Green Bay Packer’s games were difficult pills for the players to swallow. Those games likely contributed to the performance against the Minnesota Vikings last week to some extent. They need to stop the bleeding with a win today.

If the Lions realize-to a man-that there is personal accountability to the things that they do on the field, they will comfortably beat the Giants.

I think the team is been through this once before. I think the players, as much as they really loved Diggs, will respond to his trade as a wake-up call.

This is not the same team that Detroit Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia had last year. I think the players will be able to take his message and respond in a positive manner.

The result? The Lions will win this game. Just like they should.

Detroit Lions 27 — New York Giants 17

James Gullett (@gullett_james):

With both of these teams only having two wins, this is going to be battle of who wants it more. The Lions are getting a little healthier, with Da’shawn Hand expecting to make his season debut. As long as the Lions defensive line can stop Giants RB Saquon Barkley, then I love the Lions chances to win this game.

Some others that won’t be dressed due to injury who may have an impact on the Lions performance will be RB Kerryon Johnson and CB Darius Slay. With the Lions missing two impact starters, they will have to work though some adversity, however, I don’t feel like the Giants are a good enough team to make us pay for the starters being out.

Detroit Lions 27 — New York Giants 20

Logan Lamorandier (@LLamorandier):

The Lions have now finished the most difficult stretch of their schedule. I would argue that the Lions are a better team than their record suggests. They need to put a run of wins together to stay in the playoff hunt and it starts today. In short, the Lions have more to play for and are the favorites for a reason against the Giants.

The only big concern for Detroit is Giants RB Saquon Barkley. The Lions have struggled against the run and Barkley is one of the best in the league. Even if the Lions allow Barkley to run wild, I still think the Lions offense can put up more points against a weak Giants pass defense.

If the Lions can’t come away with a win against the Giants, it’s officially draft season. I don’t even want to think about that yet.

Detroit Lions 27 — New York Giants 20

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