Week 7: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

For the third consecutive game, the Detroit Lions have been on the losing end of the scoreboard. Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad individual performances.

5 Who Impressed:

1. WR Marvin Jones

Everyone is talking about Jones after this game. Jones not only had the four touchdowns, but he made an impact elsewhere too. He added 10 catches for 93 yards in addition to those scoring plays. The Vikings corners struggled and Jones even drew two penalties to add on top of his impressive stat line.

2. QB Matthew  Stafford

Stafford had his best game of the year on Sunday with 364 yards and four touchdowns. Stafford and Jones were two of the three players making the offense work.  Stafford had to face a very solid defense, his RB getting hurt, and a lack of protection. However, he found a way to have a great game anyhow.

3. CB Justin Coleman

Coleman had a questionable penalty in the endzone that took away a would-be interception. I for sure saw the contact, however, if the receiver was out of bounds, he is ineligible and you cant have a DPI on an ineligible player. If it wasn’t a foul, he makes a big play once again. Later on, he had another one of his punch forced fumbles. Coleman is a playmaker and he continues to do his part.

4. FS Tracy Walker

Walker tied for the team lead with seven tackles, even after having to leave the game for a few minutes with an injury. He also had two tackles for a loss in a game where stops came few and far between. Walker is always around the ball and has been a consistent playmaker this year.

5. WR Danny Amendola

Amendola had a team-high in receiving yards with 105. This marks his second game this year with over 100 yards. Fun fact, he is also the oldest receiver in Lions franchise history to have a 100-yard game.

5 Who Did Not:

1. CB Darius Slay

Slay was not having a great game even before he had his injury.  Slay allowed a touchdown to Thielen and then later allowed a 26-yard gain to Diggs. Before leaving the game with his lower-body injury, Slay was flagged for holding Diggs to save what would have been a huge gain after Slay was about to get burned again.

2. CB/ST Dee Virgin

Virgin cost the team 10 yards for holding on a punt return that wasn’t returned. Agnew grabbed the ball to make it stop rolling, but that’s it. Virgin felt like he needed to hold for a block on a return that wasn’t even a real return.

3. WR Kenny Golladay

Golladay disappeared in this one after he had one catch for 21 yards. He did get a target on the Lions two-point conversion attempt, but he dropped it. I understand there is only one ball to go around and this game was for Amendola and Jones, but he could have done more than one catch.

4. DE Trey Flowers

Flowers came in at a high price and with high expectations. Although he was hurt and missed a fair amount of camp, he has not really delivered yet. I know his impacts is always not in the numbers — like taking away the edge, making guys cut back inside, and things of that nature. But even those kinds of plays are decently rare this year.

5.  LB Jarrad Davis

Davis technically wasn’t a starter as he did not play the first snap of the game. I have been calling for this for a while but it finally happened. He did end up leading the off-ball linebackers in snaps though. Davis was once again a non-factor and blew up a few holes in the offensive line. He did get banged up in the game as well, showing once again how he cant stay on the field.

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