Week 6: Lion Lowdown’s NFL Picks

James Phillips: ((Last Week 2-3) Season 9-9)

Lions at Saints
Pick: Lions 31-26
Reason:Stafford clearly played injured last week, however even hobbled he was able to somewhat make it a game in the 4th quarter as he seems to do weekly. The Panthers are a much better defensive unit and overall team in comparison to the New Orleans Saints and although I think the Saints will score some points, I see the opportunistic Lions defense causing a turnover or two in order to squeak out a close one.

Packers at Vikings
Pick: Packers 31-17
Reason: As much as I respect the Vikings defense, without Stefon Diggs and Sam Bradford I don’t see the Vikings having the juice to hang with the Packers. Aaron Rodgers has been just fantastic up to this point in the season and is my MVP front runner to this point, and now he looks to have a really nice running back tandem in Ty Montgomery and Aaron Jones. I think the Packers can over power any team in the league with their offense and the Vikings are their victims this week.

Bears at Ravens
Pick: Ravens 16-13
Reason: Mitchell Trubisky is the real deal and I think is the franchise QB the Bears have been looking for; however he just has no help in the passing game and is facing a good defense in the Ravens and I don’t think he will be able I get much done here. As for the Ravens, they need to continue to lean on the running game and defense while Joe Flacco gets it together, but they find a way to win this one.

49ner’s at Redskins
Pick: Redskins 34- 31
I think this game goes the way all 49er games have this year. They play hard, show flashes and lose a close game. When you think about it, that’s the perfect formula for this team. They have some pieces but just don’t have the full roster to compete but Kyle Shanahan is showing he’s the right guy for the job.

Buccaneers at Cardinals
Pick: Cardinals 20-17
Reason: The Bucs played hard against the Pats last Thursday night; however they look disjointed and Jameis Winston is struggling this year. Although this isn’t the ’85 bears he’s facing, the Cardinals are a decent defensive unit and should give him some trouble. The Cardinals haven’t been good on offense this year, but I think the WR core in Arizona is starting to get healthy and we’ll see if AP can offer a spark in his Cardinal debut.

James Gullett: ((Last week 2-3) This Season 12-6)

Lions at Saints
Pick: Lions 34-24
Reason: The Lions have faced the Saints three years in a row now and are undefeated in this match up over that time. Stafford will carve this defense up, for his biggest game of the year.

Drew Brees is a outstanding QB but last year he had zero TDs, and three INTs. This Lions defense is far superior to last years, although losing Ngata for the year is a huge blow to the D-line.

Bold Prediction: Ameer Abdullah has the Lions first 100 yard run game in the last 57 games.

Packers at Vikings
Pick: Packers 31-13
Reason: This will be an easy W this week for Green Bay Packers. The Viking will be without star WR Diggs, as well as starting QB Sam Bradford.

Rodgers will still have to face a strong defense, but with how short-handed the Vikings are, I suspect their offensive drives will be short, tiring out the Vikings defense and allowing Rodgers to pick then apart.

Bears at Ravens
Pick: Ravens 17-7
Reason: The Bears are a bottom five team in the NFL. The Ravens  have been plagued this year with a ton of injuries, the Bears have had more than their fair share of injures too.

In the end ill take the Ravens, do to better coaching, QB, and defence.

Buccaneers at Cardinals
Pick: Cardinals 21-17
Reason: Cardinals have a new weapon in AP. Now he is not the same guy he use to be but he will demand respect and take some pressure off the pass game, allowing Palmer, Fitzgerald, and Nelson more time to operate.

Winston makes some great plays but you have to question his decision making, with Peterson, and Honey Badger in coverage you cant make mistakes

49ers at Redskins
: Redskins 14-10
Reason: This was by far the hardest game for me to pick this week. The Redskins are at home, with the better quarterback, also they have beat two teams that beat the 49ers.

Jace Osborn-Sweet: ((Last Week 2-3) Season 9-9)

Lions vs Saints:
Pick: Saints 24-23
Reason: With Stafford injured I don’t know how this offense will do, and this Saints offense is nice, I expect a close game but Saints to win at home.

Packer vs Vikings:
Pick: Packers 24-14
Reason: this Vikings defense is nasty, but Rodgers is just too good, Case Keemun can’t outscore Aaron.

Bears vs Ravens:
Pick: Ravens 31-24.
Reason: The Bears are going to be a middle of the road team this year, but with a few more pieces on offense (WR, OL) they could be something. But they just aren’t ready.

Buccaneers vs Cardinals:
Pick: Bucs 28-17
Reason: This Bucs offense is going to be just too much for the cardinals defense and we all know the cards offense isn’t really prepared for a shoot-out.

49ers vs Redskins:
Pick: Skins 35-21
Reason: I expect Kirk cousins to show out against his next team, he will put up some huge numbers against this not so good defense that just cut Navarro Bowman.


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