Week 5: Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers predictions

Division games are extra-special. The Detroit Lions, at 1-3 host the Green Bay Packers at 2-1-1. It’s still very early in the season but the Lions are in a must-win situation. Here are our predictions of how week 5 will play out.

BRUCE WALKER (@smoke25) :

I think the Lions should have a heightened sense of urgency because there is a sizable difference between a team being 2-3 and one that is 1-4 in this league. The latter is where the Lions would find themselves with a loss and I think that the team is quite aware of that.

Green Bay’s passing game is compromised with WR Randall Cobb and WR Geronimo Allison out for the game. The Lions passing defense ranks second in the NFL at the moment, LB Jarrad Davis‘s most recently allowed completion last week notwithstanding. The Packers are a respectable seventh. Green Bay is stopping the run at a rate that is smack dab in the middle at 16th in the NFL. The Lions run defense continues to anchor last place. Both teams are having decent years on offense. The intriguing thing is that the Lions run offense is 20th in the NFL, despite practically refusing to utilize it last week. That is a great improvement over the past several years in the basement.

Detroit’s not going to give up 247 million yards on the ground this week (sorry, it just seemed like that last week). Green Bay is not as equipped to handle Matthew Stafford’s offense as they were with Buffalo last week. In other words, I think Buffalo was bad more so than Green Bay was good.

I see the Lions continuing to improve under Matt Patricia’s system. That will become evident as they beat the Green Bay Packers. The final score?

Detroit Lions 27 — Green Bay Packers 24

JAMES GULLETT (@gullett_james):

On paper, the Packers should lose this game. The Lions have two wide receivers with more yards than the Packers best WR. The Lions have the running back with the most yards on the year along with a quarterback with more yards, touchdowns, and the better completion percentage.

However, when the final whistle blows, I believe the Packers will be on top. The Lions have not been able to put it all together. Between all the penalties, lack of forcing turnovers on defense (two on the year) and missed opportunities, I believe this will bite us in the butt once again.

Detroit Lions 17 — Green Bay Packers 21


Another week and another team that the Detroit Lions appear to be able to beat. In saying this, the Lions are still 1-3. Yes, the Packers still have QB Aaron Rodgers, but he is also hobbled and is lacking a couple of his favorite offensive weapons. The last couple of weeks, the Packers offense really has looked out of sync and their vaunted preseason defense doesn’t look much better than last years.

The Lions have played one phenomenal game. I think we know what the Lions are capable of, we just need to see them at their best once against a divisional foe. Much like the Lions matchup against New England Patriots, Detroit will have to stop a Hall of Fame quarterback that is really good at covering their team’s deficiencies. The Packers are riddled with areas of weaknesses, HC Matt Patricia just needs to scheme up ways to take advantage of them.

With the Lions’ season basically on the line and with them being at home for a little added advantage, I think the Lions will be able to put together a complete game and slightly outduel the Packers.

Detroit Lions 30 — Green Bay Packers 28

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