Week 5: 5 Players Who Impressed and 5 Who Do Not

5 Who Impressed:

1. LB/FB Nick Bellore: His reign in the limelight was short due ro the Lions needing to come from behind. However, Bellore was a great lead blocker for the first half of this game, even more so when you remember he is a LB.

2. DE Akeem Spence: Spence had the most consistant; pressure of any Lions player, easily making him a player that stood out in this game. He was right in the mix with Ansah and Ngata’s sacks on Newton.

3. TE Darren Fells: Fells has veen a very serviceable blocker TE this season and has shown he can catch the ball too. Leading the Lions with two TD’s, both in the 4th quarter, he made the most of his limited targets.

4. QB Matthew Stafford: Stafford was a non-factor for a decent amount of time this game. However, as always, he came alive in the 4th quarter when the team needed him most. With two touchdown throws in the final 10 minutes, Stafford was one possession away from bringing the Lions to victory.

5. LB Jarrad Davis: Davis played well in his return to the starting lineup. He had eight tackles and made a noticeable impact on defense.

5 Who Did Not:

1.  Lions’ Trenches:

O-Line: Allowed six sacks this game, as well as six sacks last week. As much as the fans want Decker to come back as soon as possable, Robinson is not the only problem.

D-Line: Only two sacks this game and a real lack of pressure on Newton. Ansah is in a contract year and 80% of his sacks were in one-half of a single game this season.

2. S Glover Quin: Quin is an amazing talent and I am so gald he is on this team, however he had a bad game. I understand some people may think that because he is on this list I don’t like him, that’s not the case. The guy is a top five saftey in the NFL he just had a bad game for his standards. 

3.  CB Darius Slay: Slay is another player who normally is an elite player for this team, but he got burnt in this one. Weeks 1-4, Slay allowed zero TD’s. This game alone he allowed two TD’s and the game winning first down.

4. TE Eric Ebron: Ebron finds himself on this list yet again after another key drop in the endzone. He later had another dropped pass ending his day with one catch for six yards.

5. OT Greg Robinson: Robinson does it again. He allowed his man to beat him twice to get to Stafford. He was much better in earlier weeks which makes me think he is a confidence player who once he starts falling appart, he’s done. 

We are still a few weeks away from Decker returning. It can’t come soon enough as Stafford was clearly beaten and bruised after Sunday’s game. 

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