Week 4: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

5 Players Who Impressed

1. DE Anthony Zettel: Zettel had two sacks and fumble recovery. He had a key sack in the 4th quarter on 3rd down, forcing 4th and goal from the 14-yard line. Zettel has been our best pass rusher this season.

2. P Jeff Locke: 60 yard punt out of the end zone helping the Lions switch feild position. He later had another punt that pinned Minnesota on the 5 yard line.
In total, Locke had seven punts for 325 yards, and pinning within the 20, the different times.

3. RB Ameer Abdullah: Abdullah had an overall good game. He was the bell cow in this one and was just shy of the first 100 yard rushing game since Reggie Bush.

4. CB Darius Slay: Slay had another good game holding another top-flight receiver to season low totals. He did not shadow Diggs the whole game, but he did well regardless of who he was matched against.

5. FS Glover Quin: Quin caused the game sealing fumble and once again proves why he is a top safety in the NFL. 

5 Who Did Not

1. OT Rick Wagner: Wagner allowed a sack on opening play of the game. He later gave up another sack. Wagner can’t continue to play at this level. Stafford needs more protection from the high level free agents than what they have given him.

2. CB Nevin Lawson:  Lawson had a 22 yard pass interference called against him in this one as well as another one he may have gotten away with later. His stat line looks nice at the end, but between his holds and interference plays, we could have threw away the lead by allowing free first downs. For once, the Lions catch a break with the refs.

3. LB Tahir Whitehead:  Whitehead is a solid run stuffing LB, but he may be one of the worse starting cover LBs in the NFL. On a crucial 3rd down in the 4th quarter, he failed to cover his man leading to a Vikings first down. On the very next play, Keenum went right back and targeted him for a 14-yard gain and another first down.

4. OT Greg Robinson: Another week, another poor performance by Robinson. He impressed me in the preseason and week 1 of the regular season. However, he has come forcefully back down to earth. After getting called out by Minnesota’s defensive end for being lazy earlier in the week, he allowed a sack as well as a few pressures.

5. Lions Backup RBs: It was clear before, but now there’s proof even the most illogical fans can’t refute. If a Lions RB gets a hand off, it’s Abdullah or bust. Riddick had four attempts for four yards while Zenner had three carries for zero yards. In a game where the two backups avgeraged less then one yard per carry, Abdullah mustered 4.7-yards per tote.

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