Week 4: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

The fourth and final Detroit Lions pre-season game has come and gone. With the pre-season concluded, the coaches have had their final look at the bubble players. Did those players stand out, or did they disappoint? Lets take a look at the 5 Lions that impressed, and the 5 that did not.

5 players that impressed:

1. CB Teez Tabor: Six tackles and one pass deflected, Tabor was a stud tonight. Tabor was awarded player of the game by Fox as well.

2. K Matt Prater: 53-yard field goal, and two extra points Prater is as consistent as ever.

3. RB Tion Green: Stole the show on offense in the 3rd quarter. Green broke tackles, showed off his speed, and worked for extra yards. Green caught a 74-yard screen, followed his blocks, broke tackles, and changed directions for an amazing TD.

4. DT Derrick Lott: Name was all over. He was consistently around the ball. Lott ended his night with five tackles and two assists. I’d say there’s no chance he makes the 53-man roster, but maybe he played himself into a practice squad role.

5. WR Dontez Ford: Three catches for 34-yards and a TD. Ford had himself a good night when many others failed to make plays.

5 players that have some work to do:

1. DE Alex Barrett: Jumped off side twice — can’t make those mental mistakes. Barrett also got his shoulders turned opening a lane for the Buffalo RB for a huge gain.

2.  WR Jared Abbrederis: A bad choice to bring his kick return out. Ended up being tackled before the 20. Fumbled on offense as well. Can’t turn the ball over when you are trying to make that last WR roster spot.

3. QB Brad Kayaa: Stop me if you have seen him on this list before, that’s right, all four games. Dysfunction when he comes in -eight yards in first three plays. Works down the field then throws a red zone interception. Later had a fumble for a turnover as well. Not to mention his 16-yard intentional grounding after holding the ball to long. Green bailed him out with a 74-yard TD after Kayaa’s 3-yard throw. Kayaa’s stat line will look good because of it but this one was all Green.

4. OT Storm Norton: Gave up 2 sacks including a strip (fumble).

5. WR Jace Billingsley : Had to wow and did not. Muffed a punt although he did get it back, not the kind of plays you want to see out of your potential 5th WR

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