Week 3: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

Week 3 of the pre-season brings the New England Patriots to Detroit. Week 3 of the pre-season has both teams play their starters for the first half on most occasions. This long look will not only give us more film on the team, but also allow us to size up the superbowl champs.

5 players who impressed :

1. Matthew Stafford : Stafford’s night ended with 15/22 throwing for 190 yards and two TD’s, one interception. Staffords lone interception was tipped by a WR into the air, just like his other interception this pre-season vs the Colts. Stafford continues to improve and fight though mistakes he makes. It is clear he has worked very hard on his touch pass, not everything is a fastball anymore.

2. Jake Rudock : Once again Rudock steps up and plays very well, 10/13 throwing for 113 yards, and a TD. Rudock also gained a few yards with his legs as he tends to do adding a 16 yard scramble. I believe that Rudock has locked his spot into the 2nd string QB role.

3.  Ameer Abdullah : Good showing from Ameer in this one 99 total yards on 16 touches. Leading the team in rushing yqrds, while also contributing in the pass game with three catches.

4. Tim Wright : Wright impressed me this game, even without Cole Wick going down with an injury. Was a consistant target for Rudock. 

5. Jace Billingsley : A consistent competitor in every game, he had three catches for 45 yards, and the longest catch of the day for 29 yards.

5 players that have somework to do :

1. Jarrad Davis : “Tom Brady, is picking on Davis in coverage. Going right at him” FOX announcer. Davis gave up 3 catches on the opening drive alone. Not a good thing to see the first round pick out of Florida, who was supposed to be great in coverage. 

He had a much better 2nd quarter to his credit, leading the team in tackles, but he was picked apart.

2. Joe Dahl : Keeps giving up pressures on a consistent basis. Will most likely make the team due to his versatility, played at C, today, gaurd in past games this preseason, and even tackle in practice.

3. Conditioning Coach : “These guys are tired and getting their butts beat,” Chris Spielman, FOX. How can professionals be tierd less then 10 minutes into a game? Hands on hips, Lions defense gasping for breath six minutes to go in the first quarter. 

4. Marvin Jones : I counted three drops for Marvin in this one.  He had a nice TD grab, but I see the negatives out weighting the positives in this one.

5. Brad Kayaa: Once again just does not belong. He missed a WR that was not even covered while under no pressure. Ends his night quickly going 0/2 for zero yards. Very small sample size but he has not earned more playing time.

For the sake of keeping the starters healthy, prepare to see a large amount of Kayaa in the pre-season finale next week.

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