Week 3: 5 Lions to Watch against the Eagles

The Detroit Lions will travel to Philadelphia in week 3 to take on the injury-riddled Eagles. Here are five players that will need to step up if the Lions want to remain undefeated.

1. RG Graham Glasgow / Joe Dahl:

Glasgow tends to start games at right guard, however, the Lions have been moving their guards around and switching between three players. Between Glasgow and Dahl, it will be important to keep one of them fresh since they will be going up against All-Pro DT Fletcher Cox of the Eagles.

2. LB Jahlani Tavai:

Tavai has played beyond expectations so far. Even more impressive figuring that starting LB Jarrad Davis is not next to him to take some of the load off of the rookie’s shoulders. Davis is thought of to be a game-time decision but with the emergence of Tavai, the Lions won’t rush Davis back.

3. LT Taylor Decker / Tyrell Crosby:

Decker missed last week after a very disappointing week one –allowing three sacks. Decker is also suspected to be a game-time decision and may not play on Sunday. If Decker can’t go, Crosby’s number will be called again as he did an admirable job last week allowing no sacks and just two total pressures.

Decker is still the Lions best option for their offense. Not only just from a blocking standpoint, but also from a receiving perspective. Rookie TE T.J. Hockenson had to stay in and help chip edge rushers since Decker was out. A healthy Decker means more of Hockenson in the slot.

4. DE Trey Flowers:

Flowers took a higher snap count in week two than he did in week one. Look for him to continue to expand his role yet again. Once Flowers is healthy and back to football playing shape, I expect him to be a difference-maker. So far, he has yet to be. Flowers will soon have to be held accountable for living up to his contract and will have fewer excuses alotted. It is still early in the year and Flowers missed a ton of time with his offseason surgery, but the pessimist in me is thinking what if he does not get back to form?

5. DT Snacks Harrison:

After holding out for more money and getting it, Snacks has yet to show that he deserved it. Last season, Snacks was the best player on either side of the ball and so far this season, he has been standing out for only bad reasons. He missed a tackle last week that ended up going for a touchdown. Thankfully, it was called back from an away-from-the-play holding call. However, that does not change the fact Harrison was in a position to make a tackle for a loss and missed, resulting in a 20+ yard would-be score.

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