Week 2: Lions vs 49ers predictions

Last week…wait a minute. We’re not going to look back on last week at all. That has been done enough the past few days. This is all about week 2. How will the Lions fare?

Here are our predictions for the outcome of the Detroit Lions versus the San Francisco 49ers.

Bruce Walker:

Apparently, I have no idea. Just look at what I thought last… (boy, this is hard!)

Ok. Matthew Stafford tends to play very well after a bad game. Ziggy Ansah is questionable to play. TJ Lang won’t play. Hopefully, Kerryon Johnson will play a lot. If he does, he will infuse the offense with a real run game for the first time an a very long time. That will also help give the entire offense a boost and some rhythm. And that is up to Jim Bob Cooter to call the plays and Stafford to not check out of them. Kenny Golladay will build on his stellar start and the other Lions receivers will hold on to catchable balls.

I do think that the defense will improve week by week. The 49ers played the Minnesota Vikings tough for a half game before getting run over.

You may have heard that every new coach in the NFL lost last week. The Lions are six point underdogs on the road in most Las Vegas lines.

Golden Tate told us to not give up on the team. This week I believe him. The Lions will achieve the first win for Head Coach Matt Patricia and all will be forgiven.

Detroit Lions 24 — San Francisco 49ers 21

James Gullett:

Both the 49ers and the Lions had way too many turnovers on offense last week. This week, both fan bases are saying it’s a good time for a come back due to the struggles of their opponent last week. Stafford and Jimmy Garoppolo had at least 3 interceptions and I do not anticipate either QB having that many in this game.

That being said, the 49ers played a way better Vikings team last week than Detroit did against a Jets. Most had the Jets as a team predicted to be a bottom-five team in the NFL.

With Lang being out, the Lions O-Line will struggle even more than usual in giving Stafford time in the pocket and opening up any running lanes.

Detroit Lions 24 — San Francisco 49ers 31

Logan Lamorandier:

The Lions looked liked the worst team in the league last week. On second thought, thanks to the Buffalo Bills, maybe the Lions weren’t the absolute worst — but it was close.

Needless to say, the Lions performance against the Jets was not a true indicator of their talent. The game quickly snowballed out of control and many key players performed out of character.

This week, I am confident that the Lions will not throw five interceptions, Pro Bowler K Matt Prater will not miss two field goals, the usually solid punting unit will not only net five yards per punt, the best contested catching receivers in the NFL will win at least one 50/50 ball (nor will they drop four passes), and the new and improved running backs will actually break a tackle in the run game.

Realistically, I have very limited expectations for the Lions defense. Even though the 49ers don’t boast any elite talents on offense, the Lions defense will still struggle. That is going to be a recurring theme all season.

It will be on Stafford and the Lions offense to carry the team. With RG TJ Lang out, it going to be an uphill battle. It’s sad to say that one injured guard can severely hinder an offense, but it’s true.

Detroit Lions 23 — San Francisco 49ers 31

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