Week 17: Lion Lowdown’s NFL Picks

James Gullett ((Last Week 3-2) This Season 38-21)

Packers at Lions
Pick: Lions 24-10
Reason: The Lions should take this one at home after already beating the Packers in Green Bay this year. Green Bay is going to be missing two starting WRs and their starting RB, which should make for an easy day for Lions defense facing one of the worst QBs in the NFL.

Bears at Vikings
Pick: Vikings 28-17
Reason: Vikings are the better team at pretty much every spot on the field. Vikings are playing for a bye week while the Bears are playing for pride.

Browns at Steelers
Pick: Steelers 17-10
Reason: The Steelers may be without their star WR in Brown, but the good news is they have depth. Bryant and Smith-Schuster along with Bell will be more than enough to destroy the Browns. However I have heard the Steelers want to rest starters for the playoffs, so who knows how long they will play, because at the same time, no one wants to be the one win in the 1-15 record.

Cowboys at Eagles
Pick: Eagles 24-20
Reason: Foles is capable of being a No. 1 QB on a few teams in the NFL, so even though he is a step down from Wentz, the Eagles are not out of any game. The Eagles have Jeffery, Blount, Ajayi, and plenty to work with. The Cowboys have been showing a lot of holes in their game lately and I think today Philly pulls this one out at home.

Panthers at Falcons
Pick: Panthers 24-20
Reason: Panthers are on a roll and I think they stick with it, Cam is playing well and Funchess has really stepped up since becoming the No. 1 WR. Falcons have played well this year but they are running into a great team whose at their best.

Jace Osborn-Sweet ((Last Week 3-2) This Season 35-24)

Packers at Lions
Pick: Lions 28-17
Reason: Although both teams are out of the playoffs, only one is sitting their QB. With that being said, I expect the Lions to out-duel the likes of Brett Hundley yet again and will take this one to finish the season 9-7 once more.

Bears at Vikings
Pick: Vikings 24-10
Reason: The Vikings are still playing for the one-seed, so expect them to come out full strength. The Bears really have been beating teams on the ground, whether it be running the ball or stopping the run. The Vikings, on the other hand, are just the better team.

Browns at Steelers
Pick: Steelers 31-17
Reason: The Browns are sitting at 0-15. Just last year, they were the same only to beat the Chargers somehow. I don’t expect that to happen again and finally, the 0-16 will be lifted off the Lions.

Cowboys at Eagles
Pick: Eagles 27-21
Reason: Without Carson Wentz, everyone expected this team to falter, but Nick Foles is a very good backup seeing as he once threw for 7TDs in an NFL game. Even with Zeke back, I just think the Eagles are too good.

Panthers at Falcon
Pick: Panther 31-24
Reason: This could be the game of the week as it still has playoff implications as well as being a division game. I expect both teams to come out firing and I expect a fight to the bitter end. As long as Cam and the offense plays to its potential and the Panthers corners can somehow find a way to cover Julio.

Tyler Bantle ((Last Week 0-0) This Season 12-14)

Packers at Lions
Pick: Lions 27-17
Reason: Lions are flat out the better team here talent-wise. With some questions regarding Coach Caldwell’s job, would not be surprised if his players come out swinging for him today.

Bears at Vikings
Pick: Vikings 23-16
Reason: This will be a closer game than it appears on paper. Chicago is playing some pretty good football of late, and that’s thanks to RB Jordan Howard sustaining the offense and opening up the passing game. Rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky has shown serious promise this season, but the Vikings defense has been too much this season for teams and they will force a late turnover and pull away. Case Keenum continues to make his case for the full time starting position with a no turnover, 2 TD showing.

Browns at Steelers
Pick: Browns 20-17
Reason: There’s a chance Big Ben and Le’Veon don’t play a majority of the game, especially if Coach Tonkin sees that New England is beating up on the Jets (which will guarantee the #2 seed for PIT), which makes me see a potential Cleveland upset. As a Lions fan, no team wants to go 0-16 so the Browns will put everything on the line for this one. Trick plays, going for it on 4th down, the works.

Cowboys at Eagles
Pick: Eagles 31-20
Reason: The 2nd year flop of Dak Prescott was ever evident last week when his turnovers cost the Cowboys a chance at the playoffs. There is an opportunity to win if the Eagles rest some starters, but the Cowboys are rumored to also rest some of theirs with the seasons over.

Panthers at Falcons
Pick: Panthers 27-23
Reason: Atlanta is too inconsistent this year for me to have any confidence in them winning when it counts. Meanwhile, Carolina is going to be one of the toughest playoff teams with Cam Newton playing as well as he is right now. The offense is flowing through him, and the likes of Christian McCaffrey and Greg Olsen are finding their rhythm.

Walker Kelly ((Last Week 3-2) This Season 16-10)

Packers at Lions
Pick: Lions 27-13
Reason: Detroit has more motivation to win this game than Green Bay due to the possibility of a 5-1 record in the division and a season sweep of the Packers. Plus, both Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson will not play. These factors should lead to a Lions win.

Bears at Vikings
Pick: Vikings 28-17
Reason: Minnesota is clearly better than Chicago. The Vikings will show their defensive superiority on Sunday and clinch a first-round bye in the playoffs.

Browns at Steelers
Pick: Steelers 24-21
Reason: The Browns will play their hearts out in an attempt to avoid going 0-16, and Pittsburgh is resting their stars. This will lead to a close game, just like the final game of last season. However, I still believe the Steelers will pull out the victory at home. The 2008 Lions will have company.

Cowboys at Eagles
Pick: Cowboys 24-14
Reason: Philadelphia has already sewn up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Therefore, they will rest key players for some or all of Sunday’s game. Dallas isn’t a great team, but they should be able to beat Philly’s backups.

Panthers at Falcons
Pick: Panthers 23-20
Reason: Atlanta played terribly in an important game last week, and I have little confidence in their ability to turn it around. Carolina has been consistently solid this season, and they will eliminate the Falcons on the road, leading to Seattle sneaking into the playoffs.

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