Week 16: Lion Lowdown’s NFL Picks


James Gullett ((Last Week 5-0) This Season 35-19)

Vikings at Packers
Pick: Vikings 21-10
Reason: Vikings are going to be playing for home field advantage in the playoffs and the Packers are playing for nothing, so much of nothing that they put Rodgers on the IR and are going back to Hundley. I think the Vikings will have no problem in this game in Green Bay.

Lions at Bengals
Pick: Lions 35-13
Reason: Lions will be on the road in Cincinnati, this bolds very well for Detroit since they are actually playing a lot better on the road this year and Jim Caldwell is 31-3 when going against teams that finish with a loosing record ( Bengals can finish at best 7-9). The Bengals average less passing yards, rushing yards, points, first down % and time of possession than the Lions. The Bengals also give up the most yards per game on the ground in the NFL, will the Lions have their first 100 yard rusher in over 2 years?

The only real player to worry about is AJ Green, and the good news is the Lions have a top three CB in the NFL in Slay to blanket him.

Browns at Bears
Pick: Bears 17-10
Reason: The Browns best chance of a win remaining this season, but its on the road and vs a team that has a very strong rushing attack. The Bears don’t want to be the team that the 0-14 Browns beat, and as a Lions fan I’m very excited about the possibility of a second 0-16 team. As difficult as it will be i’ll be openly rooting for the Bears in this one.

Howard is a guy the Bears can lean on the Browns don’t have a guy like that, besides maybe Josh Gordan.

Falcons at Saints
Pick: Saints 35-31
Reason: Saints have been an amazing team this year as a whole, no longer does Breese need to sling it for 350 yards a game, he finally has not only one but two probowl RBs. That’s also with out mentioning a much improved defense this year. The Falcons will get Coleman back, one of their great two running backs. this will be a very close game the Falcons are playing for their playoff spot but vs the Saints in New Orleans they will come up short in this one.

Seahawks at Cowboys
Pick: Cowboys 21-17
Reason: The Cowboys are getting Zeke back, and he provides something this offense can’t win without. The defense will have to know where Zeke is at all times and can’t allow him to break the big play. Seahawks will have to defend without their best defenders due to injuries once again, both teams are fighting for a playoff spot, both teams have a lot to gain or loose in this one.


Jace Osborn-Sweet ((Last Week 4-1) This Season 32-22)

Vikings at Packers
Pick:  Vikings 28-10
Reason: With the packers officially out of the playoffs, they should sit Rodgers. The Vikings are a nasty defense, and I don’t expect it to be close..

Lions at Bengals:
Pick: Lions 27-21
Reason: The Bengals are in a world of trouble to end this season, it looks as if Marin Lewis is moving on, most of the defense was underwhelming this season, and it may be time to move on from Dalton. With being said I expect this to be close, but still Lions pull it out.

Browns at Bears
Pick: Bears 20-17
Reason: The Browns are historically bad record wise, but historically good Vs the run. The Bears offense revolves around the run as well as the defense stopping it. This will be a grind it out game, but I expect the Bears to win 20-17.

Falcons at Saints
Pick: Saints 38-31
Reason: The Saints are one of the better teams in the NFL, while the Falcons are scratching for a playoff spot. Expect the Falcons to come out firing, but it won’t be enough vs the vaunted Saints offense. 38-31.

Seahawks at Cowboys
Pick: Cowboys 24-21
Reason: the LOB is injured, the o line is terrible, but Russell Wilson is playing some of the best ball of his career and the Seahawks are still vying for a playoff spot. With that said I expect a very close game, but Cowboys win this one.

Tyler Bantle ((Last Week 3-2) This Season 12-14)

Did not pick

Walker Kelly ((Last Week 3-2) This Season 13-8)


Vikings at Packers
Pick: Vikings 31-14
Reason: Green Bay is officially out of playoff contention, and they have given up on the season by placing Aaron Rodgers on injured reserve. Minnesota handled the Pack in their last meeting, and I expect more of the same. The Vikings continue their march to a first-round bye.

Lions at Bengals
Pick: Lions 30-20
Reason: Cincinnati has played horribly the last two weeks, and Detroit’s defense seems to be peaking at the right time. The Bengals only have one legitimate weapon on offense in A.J. Green, and Darius “Big Play” Slay should shut him down. The Lions will keep their playoff hopes alive with a road win on Sunday.

Browns at Bears
Pick: Bears 17-16
Reason: Cleveland is desperate for a win, and this is their last realistic chance of the season. However, Chicago’s defense should do just enough to eke out a win at home. The Browns’ march to 0-16 continues.

Falcons at Saints
Pick: Saints 27-17
Reason: New Orleans was extremely close to a road win against Atlanta a few weeks back. This time the game is in the Superdome, and the Saints will have a healthy Alvin Kamara. New Orleans should handle the Falcons in the rematch.

Seahawks at Cowboys
Pick: Cowboys 27-24
Reason: The return of Ezekiel Elliott spells doom for Seattle’s playoff chances. The Seahawks were gashed by Todd Gurley last week, and I expect more of the same on Sunday. Dallas wins a close one at home to stay in the playoff picture.



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