Week 16: 5 Players Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

5 Who Impressed

1. CB Darius Slay

 Slay had a bad game by his high standards, however he still ranked in the top 5 Lions for this game. Slay almost had an interception in this game, however it was called back.

2. RB Tion Green

Green had a great game leading the Lions in yards with 43 yards on only seven carries, even adding a touchdown. If Green was given a normal work load he would have had over 100 yards. 

3. TE Eric Ebron

Ebron has lead the Lions once again in catches and yards marking the 3rd time this year. Ebron had five catches for 83 yards and a touchdown.

. DE Ziggy Ansah

Ansah had the upside of his consistant amazing game two-three games a year. Ansah has since he was draft a slim amount of great games like a three sack game, then disappears for the next four games, rince and repeat. Of Ansahs nine sacks this year eight of them came in three games leading the other one sack to be over a span of 12 games. 

5CB Quandre Diggs

Diggs had another great game at S, he now has an interception in each of the last three games since moving to the S position.

5 Who Did Not

1. P Sam Martin

Sam Martin has a growing reputation for shanking punts and today was no surprise when he did it again. He is capable of being the best punter in the NFL but has not shown it this year.

. QB Matthew Stafford

Easily Staffords weakest game of the year low completion %, only one touchdown, one interception, barley even broke 200 yards vs a very weak secondary. 

3.  Lions Coaches

OC Jim Bob Cooter 3rd and 1, pass vs the worst run d in the nfl. He alsp continues to swich RB’s never allowing any of them to gain momentum. The Lions top three RB’s had eight, seven, and six carries.  Green avg six yards per carrie, compared ro Reddicks two yards per carrie; and yet Green got less of a work load.

HC Jim Caldwell Has continued to show a lack of football awareness from mismanagement of timeout, challenges, or holding personal acountable.

DC Tyel Austin His defense could not stop the NFL’s worst run offense, yes coming into this game Cin had less yards per game then Detroit. Also once again goaline play action pass gives up a touchdown, this was the 5th or 6th time that has happened vs this defense.

. RG Don Barclay

Easily the single worst performer this game. Barclay had two false starts and a holding on the potential game winning drive killing the teams chances. 

. Anthony Zettel

Zettel was called for two offside penaltys, one of those removed a huge play for the Lions. He was also a non factor rushing the passer.

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