Week 13: Lion Lowdown NFL Picks

James Gullett ((Last Week 0-1) This Season 25-14)

Lions at Ravens
Pick: Lions 17-9
Reason:  I have gone back and fourth on the prediction a few times. The Lions have played better on the road this year and Stafford is light-years ahead of Flacco this season. However, the Ravens’ defense is very good, with sack-master Suggs, and elite CB Smith this wont be an easy day for Stafford.

What makes me lean towards the Lions is just how bad the Ravens offense is this year. Flacco is on a worst of all time pace for yards per completion this year. Flacco also has more interceptions than touchdowns so far this season. I see the Lions with an interception or two this game.

49ers at Bears
Pick: 49ers 21-17
Reason: Garoppolo gets his first start in his new city and he will bring home the victory. Both of these teams are not very good but the 49ers are on their way up. I like how they let Garoppolo learn the system then play and did not just throw him into the fire. He was able to learn the system and is ready to take over.

While on the other side, the Bears don’t have a lot of threats on offense other than RB Howard.

Vikings at Falcons
Pick: Vikings 24-23
Reason: This will be a great game to watch as a top offense faces off against a top defense. The Viking offense versus the Falcons defense will be the deciding factor in this game. With that being said, the Vikings bring home the W mostly due to the Falcons best CB Trufant being out of this game, allowing Diggs and Thielen to have big days.

Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Pick: Tampa Bay 21-20
Reason: Talk about a toss up as these teams are identical in a few important areas. Tampa Bay has allowed 23.8 points per game, Green Bay has allowed 23.7 points per game. Tampa Bay has scored 20.3 points per game while Green Bay averages 21.1 points per game. So both teams score and allow within one point of each other.

In a toss up, I’ll go with the better QB which is Winston. I don’t believe Green bays defense can cover both Evans and Jackson.

Eagles at Seahawks
Pick: Eagles 35-17
Reason: Eagles have been on fire this season and I expect no different in this game. The easiest game to call this week in my opinion. I have the Eagles rolling the Hawks. Without Chancellor and Sherman, Wentz is going to have a field day.

Jace Osborn-Sweet ((Last Week 0-1) This Season 23-16)

Lions at Ravens
Pick: Lions 23-20
Reason: The Lions are coming off a big thanksgiving loss. I expect them to play with some fire knowing they have to win out to make the playoffs. But, without their starting center and running back, things aren’t looking up for the Lions. Even with that said, I expect this defense to limit what the Ravens can do so I have the Lions squeaking out a win.

49ers at Bears
Pick: Bears 27-17
Reason: It will be Garopolo’s first start with the 49ers, but I don’t think that will change much. This Bears team is very underrated and I think Trubisky has a big game against this 49ers D as well as Jordan Howard.

Vikings at Falcons
Pick: Vikings 24-21
Reason: This is the hardest pick of the week, while the Falcons and Vikings both have played well as of late. I just think the Viking defense will do its job and limit the likes of Julio Jones and will barely win this one.

Tampa Bay at Green Bay 
Pick: Green Bay 17-14
Reason: This is also a hard pick, but I think Brett Hundley will out-duel Ryan Fitzpatrick. Tampa’s defense is also a a lot worse than Green Bay’s. Packers win.

Eagles at Seahawks
Pick: Eagles 31-21
Reason: Without the LOB, I don’t see the Seahawks making much of a splash to end the season, while the eagles seem to get better week by week. Give it the the Eagles.

Tyler Bantle ((Last Week 0-1) This Season 6-5)

Lions at Ravens
Pick: Lions 20-13
Reason: The Lions are coming off of a mini bye week thanks to their Thanksgiving game, While the Ravens are on short rest after their MNF matchup versus Houston. While the Ravens bolster one of the top defense in the league, they are predicated on turning the ball over to save their last ranked offense from having to score points and produce. Detroit has zero issues scoring– averaging the 5th most points per game on the season. The big question here is the Lions run defense. Keeping the Ravens in check there is the key to victory.

49ers at Bears
Pick: Bears 24-13
Reason: Jimmy G to the rescue right? Eh, let’s hold on a second. First game, on the road, on the terrible turf of Soldier Field? I don’t see it. Flashes of brilliance followed by miscommunications and a dedication to running the ball. Bears at home have the advantage.

Vikings at Falcons
Pick: Vikings 30-27
Reason:  Big game here for both teams and others vying for playoff spots (cough cough Lions). Vikings proved on Thanksgiving just how good they are, and the Falcons have not proved themselves consistent yet versus the top teams. Vikings will control the game on the ground to allow Keenum the play action passing game. Plus, Julio has Xavier Rhodes this week. Much tougher matchup than the last.

Tampa Bay at Green Bay 
Pick: Buccaneers 27-14
Reason: You know you’re team’s in trouble when the biggest news is that your one good player is finally practicing again. Sorry Green Bay, Hundley is getting better, but his inability to move the offense still has me not believing in him. Meanwhile, Tampa gets Jameis back after being out for a few weeks with a shoulder issue. Jameis will try to eat a W again this week versus an injury-deleted GB defense. Mike Evans could go off this week big time.

Eagles at Seahawks
Pick: Eagles 27-23
Reason: This may be the beginning of the end for the Seahawks. Eagles have a chance to essentially clinch a playoff spot already taking on a Seahawks team that is Russell Wilson-dependent on, well, basically everything. You may seem him lining up at safety this week. If the Seahawks were at full strength, I could see them winning here. But without the legion of boom in the back, Carson Wentz and company won’t have any problems. Eagles win.

Walker Kelly ((Last Week 0-1) This Season 4-2)

Lions at Ravens
Pick: Lions 23-20
Reason: The Lions are desperate for this win. Baltimore does not have a good offense, which should allow Detroit to keep the game close into the fourth quarter. Stafford will lead a late drive for the game winning score.

49ers at Bears
Pick: 49ers 24-21
Reason: Chicago’s season is lost and they have no reason to play for wins at this stage. However, Jimmy Garoppolo will want to show out the rest of the season to get a big free agent contract. I think Garoppolo leads San Francisco to the victory at Soldier Field.

Vikings at Falcons
Pick: Vikings 28-27
Reason: This one is a real toss up between two talented teams. I give the advantage to Minnesota because of Desmond Trufant’s absence. Thielen and Diggs will be a little too much to handle for Atlanta’s secondary.

Buccaneers at Packers
Pick: Packers 27-20
Reason: Brett Hundley played better last week against Pittsburgh and that should carry over into a great matchup against a poor Tampa secondary. Davante Adams should have another big day as well. Green Bay should take care of business at home.

Eagles at Seahawks
Pick: Eagles 31-26
Reason: I cannot pick against the Eagles right now. They are the best team in the league at this point and they get to face an undermanned Seattle defense. Carson Wentz should be able to find enough holes in the secondary to get out of Seattle with a division-clinching victory.

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