Week 13: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

The Detroit Lions fell to the Chicago Bears on their Thanksgiving matchup. With a third-string quarterback, the Lions could have flopped, but they put up a good fight until the end. Let’s take a look at how some indiviudals performed.

5 Who Impressed:

1. QB David Blough

Blough had a tremendous game on Thursday making his first-ever NFL start on the national stage against a top-10 defense. The undrafted rookie had 280 yards to go with two touchdowns and one interception that came late on a forced throw.

2. RB Bo Scarborough

Scarbrough had another stellar performance with 21 carries for 83 yards –averaging four yards per carry. Scarbrough has been a pleasant surprise for most Lions fans this year. I wanted him since his college days and am very proud of whats he’s done in his time here. Dare I say he could be our starting running back next year even over a healthy Kerryon Johnson?

3. WR Kenny Golladay

Golladay had only four catches on the day, but boy did he make them count. He racked up 158 yards and a touchdown. Golladay is really setting up like a true No. 1 receiver for the Lions regardless if it’s Stafford, Driskel, or Blough throwing to him.

4. DE Trey Flowers

Flowers got off to a slow start this year as many fans know, but I don’t believe most fans are giving him his due for what he has done lately. He has been outperforming what he came here to do the last couple of weeks and is earning every cent of his contract. Flowers added another sack on Thursday as well as five more quarterback pressures.

5. CB Darius Slay

Big Play Slay came up huge with yet another key interception. Slay’s number have been down as a whole this year, but for the most part, other teams quarterbacks aren’t testing him as much as they used to.

5 Who Did Not:

1. CB Justin Coleman

Coleman started the year as the defensive MVP. He was making pass break-ups, interceptions, forcing fumbles and just being an overall playmaker. However, he has fallen apart in recent weeks. One of the reasons is the lack of pass rush. Coleman can only cover for so long before the receiver gets open. However, other cornerbacks don’t seem to be having the same problems as Coleman who currently leads the NFL in yards and touchdowns allowed this year.

2. TE T.J. Hockenson

Hockenson, on one hand, led the team in catches — which always sounds like a good thing. However, he only had 18 yards on those six catches for an average of three yards a catch. That’s not great in case you did not already know.

3. LB Jahlani Tavai

Tavai missed a couple of tackles by my count and after showing instances of already being better than Davis earlier this season, he has seemed to regressed. Meanwhile, Davis seems to be figuring his side of things out.

4. S Will Harris

Harris took a step back this week after stringing together a few nice games — or at least showing flashes here and there. Against the Bears, he got beat a few times and did not make any plays on the national stage.

5. LB Christian Jones

Jones got a fair share of snaps and was not heard from for the most part. Some times that is a good thing if the other team is avoiding you like Slay, but that’s not the case with Jones. For the most, it’s just him not being there to make the play. He totaled one tackle and two assists.

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