Week 13: 5 Lions to watch against the Bears

As is tradition, the Detroit Lions take the national stage on their annual Thanksgivings day game. For the second consecutive year, they will face off against the Chicago Bears. Here are five Lions to keep an eye on.

1. QB David Blough

Blough will make his NFL debut in a prime time game against a top-10 defense. What could go wrong? Blough was the quarterback who threw two interceptions against the Lions fourth-string defense in the final preseason game this year. He is now set to take on a Khalil Mack led Bears defense, and I’m sure there’s a difference between those two.

However, to be fair now, he will be playing with better targets and an O-Line, but this is a lot of pressure for a first-time starter.

2. RB Bo Scarbrough

People are going to hate me for even bringing this up, but Scarborough has more rushing yards than Barry Sanders did after his first two-games. We are in a passing league now compared to a run-first league like it was back then. Now, I don’t expect this rate to continue, but Scarbrough has been a very fun watch so far.

3. CB Amani Oruwariye

Oruwariye played very well for his first time playing substantial snaps in the NFL. So much so, that he even made my “five who impressed” list. After a solid start with an interception, maybe Oruwariye will be playing with more confidence and that may lead to better and more consistent play.

4. WR Kenny Golladay

Golladay and his report with Blough is something to keep an eye on. The Bears obviously know that Golladay’s a weapon, so they will focus their attention on him most likely. Young quarterbacks love tight ends and starting down their best playmakers.

5. TE T.J. Hockenson

As stated above, rookie quarterbacks love tight ends and Hockenson is a pretty good one to focus on. Hockenson is coming off his worst game of the year and will, of course, want to bounce back and have a big game. The first game against the Bears this year, the Lions used Hockeson a fair amount to block. Maybe that will be the goal this time as well, but either way, Hockenson will have an impact on the offense.


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