Week 12: Detroit Lions vs. Washington Redskins Predictions

The 3-6-1 Detroit Lions travel to FedExField to take on the 1-9 Washington Redskins today. The Lion Lowdown writers offer their predictions for the game.

Bruce Walker (@smoke25):

The Detroit Lions are trending toward one of their worst defenses in team history this year. Thankfully, they visit the Washington Redskins who are supporting an offense that is even worse.

The Lions currently rank 30th in the NFL defensively in yards per game, 29th in points per game, 29th in third down percentage allowed, 30th in passing yards given up per game and 24th in rushing yards given up per game.

Remarkably, the Redskins rank lower in every single one of those categories on offense.

In the past eight games, the Redskins have averaged scoring 9.6 points per game.

Rookie Quarterback Dwayne Haskins will make his 3rd NFL start against Detroit. With two touchdowns, five interceptions and a QBR of 58.9, Haskins has struggled to give the Redskins any spark…

This is the spot where many writers insert the prediction that the Lions will help launch his Hall-of-Fame career with a record-setting performance but not this writer. Not today.

While the Lion’s defense has been terrible, the Redskin’s defense has just been poor. Despite their anemic offense giving them little help, they rank 22nd in points given up per game, 23rd in yards given up per game, 16th in passing yards and 28th and rushing yards given up per game. Their average time of possession is dead last in the NFL at 26:35 per game. As a comparison, the Lions currently sit at 30:11 per game.

As such, I expect that Lions rookie tight end T. J. Hockenson is poised to have a big game today. That is, if he even plays. The report is that he is questionable with a shoulder injury.

Bovada lists the Lions as four-point road favorites. They should really do better than that today and I think that they will.

Detroit Lions 24 — Washington Redskins 13

James Gullett (@gullett_james):

The Lions will travel to Washington on Sunday to take on the Redskins. Both of these teams could use a win in the biggest way. After starting the year off slow, the Redskins and the Lions are starting their backup quarterbacks — or at least not the quarterback that started the year for them.

Neither defense is any good as well.

If you aren’t a fan of either of these teams, this is not a game a football fan would be watching. With the Lions only having three wins at this point in the year, a lot of fans are already talking about the draft (including myself). This game has bigger draft implications than it does for a playoff push. Even if Washington was somehow to win out, they would still be under .500 and they have already fired their coach. Losing does absolutely nothing to hurt them.

However, if they somehow win, they can be thrown back by three to four spots in the draft order. For a rebuilding team, that would be bad and a way to make their team worse for next year.

That being said, the Lions should be able to walk away with the victory on Sunday after Jeff Driskel will continue to show he’s a worthy backup to Stafford.

Detroit Lions 17 — Washington Redskins 16

Logan Lamorandier (@LLamorandier):

The excitement factor for this game is at an all-time low. The Redskins offense ranks 32nd in the league for points scored while the Lions defense is on pace to be one of the worst in franchise history.

It also doesn’t help that the Lions have a plethora of key players sidelined due to injury.

In saying this, backup QB Jeff Driskel still has the Lions offense clicking and should be able to continue that trend against a weak Redskins defense.

As been the case the last few weeks, I imagine the Lions defense will still make a subpar quarterback look competent and allow the opposing offense to look good.

The Redskins haven’t scored more than 17 points since week 2 or since rookie QB Dwayne Haskins has taken over the reins.

This game will be close. Even with the Lions struggles, they still have a slight advantage despite being on the road.

Detroit Lions 26 — Washington Redskins 24

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