Week 10: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Predictions

The Detroit Lions take their 3-4-1 record into Soldier Field to take on the 3-5 Chicago Bears. The Lion Lowdown writers offer their predictions for this week’s game.

As news broke this morning, the Detroit Lions will be without quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Obviously, that dramatically changes the outlook of the game.

Bruce Walker (@smoke25):

So, I was thinking about my Detroit Lions prediction article while doing a dozen things around the house this afternoon when my son texted me:

Image of text from son to support story

So my perspective on the game will be very different than what I had imagined a couple hours ago! I will be at Soldier Field watching this drama unfold.

Drama, you ask?

Well, Darius Slay had a meeting with Head Coach Matt Patricia to discuss some…frustrations? Concerns? Apparently they are now on the same page.

Quandre Diggs made some thinly veiled references as to the freedom to voice opinions in the locker room. He then added that he was happy to be appreciated.

T. J. Hockenson did not suffer a concussion. (Wait, that’s not drama. It is good news!) Matthew Stafford is nursing a sore back, though. Okay. so there is more drama.

Drama aside, this game features an anemic Chicago Bears offense trying to cuddle it’s way through a cushy soft Detroit Lions defense. I almost expect to see throw pillows and maybe a nice down comforter being used in between snaps.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely fair but the Lions do rank 31st in yards given up per game. They are almost as bad in points given up per game at 27th.

Meanwhile the Bears are 29th in the League in yards gained per game and the same 27th in points scored per game.

On the other hand, when the Lions have the ball, it should be a vastly different scenario. They rank 5th in yards and 12th in scoring per game. The Bears defense is 9th in yards and 6th in points allowed per game.

Strength against strength and weakness against weakness in this one, folks.

The Lions have consistently scored points in their games but have a hard time stopping anyone. The bears can keep teams from scoring but struggle to score more than 18 points per game.

This one goes to the Lions. Because they really need to put it together. Now.

Detroit Lions 24 — Chicago Bears 17

James Gullett (@gullett_james):

Since Stafford is not healthy enough to go, that does a lot more than snap the start streak he’s been working on for over eight seasons. That also ruins the Lion’s entire season and all playoff hopes. In my mind, there is a 1% chance the Lions can beat the Bears with a backup QB.

The Lions are notorious for having bad backups and haven’t been able to find a solid one since Shaun Hill.

It doesn’t do Jeff Driskel any favors that he will have no run game against a top-10 defense either.

Even though Trubisky has done nothing this year to disprove his bust title, he will be put in favorable situations due to the Lions offense not being able to move the ball. The Lions defense will basically live on the field and will make Trubisky look a lot better than he has so far this year.

On top of that, I foresee the Bears having a couple defensive touchdowns. Bears win an easy one.

Detroit Lions 6 — Chicago Bears 31

Logan Lamorandier (@llamorandier):

This is going to be an ugly game. The only real strength to the Lions team was it’s passing offense. You take that away and what else do the Lions have? Not to mention the Bears still have a great defense.

I actually don’t think Driskel is a bad quarterback, but he is no Matthew Stafford. Their might be a record number of punts.

The Lions offense will put their defense in bad spots and won’t be able to take away the Bears run game. It will allow Trubisky to look a lot better than he is.

We can still hope for the best, but I’m not expecting much of anything.

Detroit Lions 9 — Chicago Bears 20

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