Week 10: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Do Not

For the third consecutive week, the Detroit Lions have lost by a double digit outcome. Obviously, there was a lot more negatives than positives, but here are five players who impressed and five who did not.

5 Who Impressed:

1. S Quandre Diggs

Diggs had a nice downfield pass break-up in the end zone saving a touchdown. Later on in the game, Diggs had a huge hit on Bears RB Cohen that knocked him out of the game for a few snaps. When the Lions defense needs to make an impact play in the secondary this season, it seems to be Diggs who ends up making the play. With Slay out due to injury, Diggs and the rest of the secondary needed to step up and Diggs was the only one to do so.

2. DT Damon “Snacks” Harrison

I don’t want to sound like a broken record week after week but here we are with Harrison once again. Another week, another top performance grade for the trade acquiree. Harrison has not only been a force but a leader on and off the field. After the game, Harrison took responsibility for two plays he missed even though he made much more than he gave up.

3. RB Kerryon Johnson

Johnson had a solid showing in a game where almost no one stood out. Johnson had 89 total yards between his six catches and 14 carries, adding a touchdown both in the air and on the ground. What stood out about Johnson’s leaping goal line touchdown was the contrast between the two plays before in which Blount had multiple attempts and failed both times before Johnson succeeded in his lone carry.

Johnson later had a nice stiff arm pushing away one of the NFL’s best, Khalil Mack. Johnson gave himself enough space to gain the first down. One thing Johnson did not do well however, was ball security. He had the first fumble of his NFL career.

4. WR Kenny Golladay

Golladay had the best performance he has had in his last four games. He totaled six catches for 78-yards and a touchdown. Golladay also lead the Lions in targets (13), which shows me when Stafford needs to force something or a play is breaking down, Golladay is the guy he is looking for.

5. K Matt Prater

Prater made his only field goal attempt on Sunday from 53-yards out. He also added an extra point. Not much to go on for this one but when very few players did their part. Prater quietly has done his job all season long.

5 Who Did Not:

1. LB Jarrad Davis

Davis just seems to not get the game of football. Offenses wait for him to sprint into the wrong gap then gash the exact spot where he was for a huge gain. This particular time was for a rushing TD that “Snacks” Harrison also made up for but tackled the Bears running back one yard after he got into the end zone. To make matters worse on that play, when looking at the camera angle from the back, you can see Davis hit the wrong gap and ended up nowhere near the play.

2. QB Mathew Stafford

Stafford has not had a very good season so far but this game may have been a low point (besides opening night of course). Stafford had two interceptions and a couple sacks that maybe could have been avoided if not for holding onto the ball too long. I understand Stafford does not want to throw the ball away and wants a big play every time, but you need to live to see another down. 2nd-and-10 is leaps and bounds better than 2nd-and-17.

Later in the game, Stafford had an easy lane for a first down run in the 4th quarter and he instead passed on that opportunity for a long pass to Golladay that fell incomplete — two plays later, the Lions had to punt.

3. CB DeShawn Shead

Shead is only on the roster because of Slay’s injuries and Tabor being an absolute mess. Expectations are low for Shead. That being said, Shead still did not live up to expectations and looked bad doing so. On the 36-yard touchdown pass he allowed, he was in decent coverage after getting burned off the line, but failed to even glance over his shoulder to find the deep ball. Throughout the course the game, he allowed many other receptions.

4. S Glover Quin

It is a mystery to nobody that Quin has taken a step back this year. Perhaps due to his age and the his deteriorating athletic ability, he’s not the same All- Pro safety he once was. The play that stood out to me the most was his missed tackle that could have saved a touchdown. It ended up with the Bears celebrating while Quin could only hang his head.

5. RB LeGarrette Blount

I don’t even know where to begin with Blount. He was signed as a short-yardage back and a guy who could take a few reps to give Kerryon Johnson a rest. However, he hasn’t been great on the goal-line and if anything, has taken away too many good opportunities from Johnson.

Blount was given two attempts to punch the ball in from the goal line — he failed both times. As previously mentioned, he was upstaged by the rookie who scored on his first touch the next play. Later on, Blount had an outside stretch run and got tackled for a 4-yard loss. In this game, Blount had more carries than yards.

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