Season Wrap Up: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

At the end of the year, I always like to consolidate all of my articles like this and tally up who made which list and how many times. Below, I give you my list of the five Lions who impressed me the most often and the five who did not.

5 Who Impressed:

1. WR Kenny Golladay: 8 Weeks

Golladay led the way with an impressive eight times on the list — meaning he impressed me in literally half the games in the season. It did not matter if it was Stafford, Driskel, or Blough throwing him the ball, Golladay produced very well.

2. RB Bo Scarbrough: 6 Weeks

Scarbrough was one of, if not the main cog in the offense, once he came into the picture. Being tied for second-most appearances while only being on the team a handful of weeks is nice. Almost leading the team in rushing yards is even better.

3. QB Matthew Stafford: 6 Weeks

Stafford also tied for the second-most appearances on the list with six weeks. Keep in mind, he only played in eight games. Stafford was a top-two MVP candidate before he went down. He led the NFL in yards per game and was second in touchdowns.

4. S Tracy Walker: 5 Weeks

Walker took a huge step up from a growth perspective, surpassing my expectations. He flashed some as a rookie but may have taken two steps forward this year. He gave me more hope for a rookie that showed flashes this year who is working next to Walker in Will Harris.

5. DE Trey Flowers: 4 Weeks

Flowers got off to a slow start but ended as the Lions best defensive lineman all year long. He tied the team lead in sacks and led the team in quarterback hits. Flowers was also third on the team in forced fumbles.

5 Who Did Not:

1. TE Jesse James: 6 Weeks

James underperformed in every game this season. He was lucky he only found himself on this list six times. Pre-Hockenson injury, I understand playing time wasn’t easy to come by. However, after Hockenson got hurt, James was still nowhere to be found.

2. LT Taylor Decker: 6 Weeks

Decker had up and down weeks, but he finds himself as the second-worst Lion to me this year. Which does come as a surprise because most of the time, he was on my list due to mental mistakes — not as many performance reasons.

3. TE TJ Hockenson: 5 Weeks

In third, is fellow tight end TJ Hockenson. This is a shock to me and could be a shock for you reading this. I have been on Twitter pounding my fist on the table saying he had a pretty good year and defending him. Now, week to week shows me on my own evaluation that I have him as a bottom three Lion this year. He also did not play the whole year so he may have been higher on this list if he had.  Rookie tight ends take time. He will be fine.

4. QB David Blough: 4 Weeks

Besides Blough’s debut, he did not have a single good game. Almost every sack was because he held the ball too long and not because of the offensive line. He would stare down his target and allow the defense time to double whoever with safety help over the top.

5. CB Justin Coleman: 4 Weeks

Coleman was 1 week shy of being on both sides of this list. Coleman was the defensive MVP the first four-five games of the year, and the scapegoat the second half. Coleman was bottom-5 in both yards and touchdowns allowed in the NFL. Some of that is due to the weak defensive line not getting to the quarterback, but then why did he do so well early on with the same line? Some say he got targetted more because teams don’t want to throw to Slay, which makes sense but then again why was he so good for multiple weeks?


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