Regular Season Week 2: 5 Players Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

5 Who Impressed:

1. K Matt Prater: No words need to be said. Prater once again just goes about his business and makes clutch kick after clutch kick. This one from 56 yards out, he added two extra points.

2. DE Ezekiel Ansah: Ziggy was an absolute beast, totalling six tackles in this game, three of those being sacks– after only have two sacks all of last year. I understand he was hurt for a good portion of the year but it only took him one game to beat that number.

3. CB Darius Slay: “Big play” Slay lived up to his nickname in this one with some absolute clutch plays down the stretch. Slay had made two giant plays against the giants on Monday night, deflecting a ball in the end zone, as well as coming off his man to back up his teammate and deliver a punishing blow to knock the ball free in what would have been a huge gain in the 4th quarter.

4. TE Eric Ebron: Ebron had a big game leading all Lions in catches and yards, he also had his first touchdown of the year. Once Ebron gets a few catches in and gains confidence, he is a force to be reckoned with. I feel like people often forget in only 13 games last year Ebron ranked 8th in catches and 10th in yards for TE’s.

5.CB/PR Jamal Agnew: Agnew had a great overall game not just the return that everyone remembers. He had a couple of key tackles on the cover team. Also, of course the 88 yard punt return for a touchdown. The first punt or kick return for a touchdown this season by any player in the NFL.


Who Did Not:

1. OT Greg Robinson: Just an overall rough game for Robinson. He looked a lot more like the Ram than he has the last few weeks as a Lion. Robinson has shown me enough to not loose faith in him in just yet, it is only one bad game, but he allowed a lot of pressure on Stafford and cost the Lions field position a few times with penalties.

2. LB Paul Worrilow: Worrilow had a decent game as a whole but once Tuesday came everyone was only mentioning him for the huge pass he gave up in a key moment in the game during the second half.  If Davis cannot go next week vs Atlanta Falcons we might be seeing a lot of Worrilow, and going against a much better offense. Let’s hope he does not make a habit of those kind of plays.

3. Lions Offensive Line: This one I admit is nit picking, but Stafford was under pressure all night long, and most of the teams rushing yards were gained after contact.  I don’t want to get into too much detail because I have already solo’d out Robinson, but he was not alone in putting Stafford in bad spots. However I will give a quick mention of Graham Glasgow who did not give up a single pressure all night.

4. RB Theo Riddick: Reddick continues to disappoint me when it comes to the run game. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the best receiving running back in the NFL as far as I’m concerned, but when you get out rushed by your QB and get triple the attempts of said QB, there is a problem.  Riddick averaged barley above two yards per carry on a day where Abdullah averaged five yards per carry. Even Washington averaged three yards per carry in his limited role.

5. WR Kenny Golladay: Golladay was a ghost on Monday night. He did nothing to really add him to the list of players that messed up during the game, to be fair besides let a golden opportunity slip though his grasp.

Giants pro bowl S Collins called him out saying “Kenny who?” in an interview leading up to the game. In the bright lights on Monday Night Football and coming off a two touchdown performance, he had the opportunity to show Collins exactly who Kenny Golladay is.  In that opportunity, Golladay managed one catch for eight yards.

I have noticed a somewhat alarming trend with Golladay. He had a break out first preseason game this year against the Indianapolis Colts, with three catches for 53 yards and two TD’s. Then the very next game after that he only managed  one catch for six yards, and the game after that one catch for three yards.

Now in the regular season he had a breakout game 1 with four catches for 69 yards and two TD’s; then the next  game after, one catch for eight yards.  This may just be a rookie adjusting to the league, but I find it frustrating that some games he’s a game changer and others you have to check the box score to see if he even dressed for the game.

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