Preseason Week 2: 5 Lions Who Impressed and 5 Who Did Not

5 Who Impressed:

1. RB Theo Riddick

Riddick continues to stand out as the best receiving running back in the NFL. This game was no different. Even with his limited number of snaps, he made a huge impact and the most explosive play of the game for the Lions.

2. WR TJ Jones

Jones game was almost perfect besides his blunder in the second half. Jones dropped a pass that tipped off his hands and into a defenders chest for an easy interception. Jones did make up for it overall however with stellar special teams play forcing a fumble on a tackle as well as catching the Lions lone receiving TD.

3. WR Jace Billingsley

Billingsley had a nice game after avgering 10-yards per catch– his biggest being a gain of 20. He later added a sideline tip-toe catch for a first down. Billingsley is never a player that wows you but always does seem to make the most of his reps. Look for him to get more playing time in the next couple of games.

4. QB Jake Rudock

Rudock had a solid comeback game after a bad performance last week. Rudock threw for 171-yards with one throwing and one running Touchdown. Most importantly, he committed no turnovers. His job is still very much in jeopardy though. Cassel only played a hand full of snaps and this time of year the more you typically play in these pre-season games, the more coaches want to take a look at you. With giving Rudock more reps over Cassel, the coaching staff may feel secure in Cassel as a backup and be giving Rudock a chance to change their minds.

5. CB Darius Slay:

Slay was living up to his “Big Play” name out there on Friday night. Breaking up a potential touchdown catch by the giants, as well as a second PBU later on. Fans had a decent amount of finger-wagging on Friday.

5 Who Did Not:

1. RB Ameer Abdullah

Abdullah, after a solid performance last week, fell back into some old habits. Abdullah fumbled on the first drive of the game for the Lions. Later on, he muffed a punt on a return attempt. He was able to jump on it but he still cost the Lions field position.

2. G/C Kenny Wiggins

Wiggins looked lost trying to protect the quarterback against the solid Giants pass rush. He allowed a sack and consistent pressure throughout the night.

3. LT Taylor Decker

Decker had a bad game despite what you may have heard. Decker allowed one sack officially and three other pressures in only 19 snaps. The refs saved him from having a second sack on his resume because of a flag away from the play, but Decker got beat and Stafford went down. With this being said, I’m still predicting a great year for him– even Pro Bowl players have a bad game from time to time.

4. CB Jamal Agnew

Agnew gave up the biggest pass play of the day, getting beat deep for 40-yards. I understand he is more known for returns and not his man to man coverage, but how does one of the fastest players on the roster get beat deep?

5. Coach Matt Patrica:

The sky is not falling but the coach got outcoached, mostly by himself. Patrica did not call a good game. He kicked field goals when he should have gone for it and then later went for it when he should have kicked a field goal. He is a defensive minded coach and the defense continues to make middle school mistakes. Example: having an OLB, and DE crash middle and no one having outside containment. Chris Spielman even said ” I don’t care if you’re 1st string defense or 50th, you have to have someone to set the edge and force the play back inside”

These mistakes were made once in week one, and twice in week two, both for massive gains or touchdowns. I understand he is playing a vanilla defense and wants to give no secrets away in a pre-season game, but having someone on the edge is football 101.

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