Matthew Stafford works with private QB coach

Matthew Stafford has always been known as someone who takes in any and all feedback given to him, however in years past he has refused to work with a QB guru in the offseason.

This year, things changed after Matt Ryan–Stafford’s good friendhad an MVP year working with QB specialist, Tom House.

Stafford decided it was best for the team if he followed Ryan’s lead.

“I just think I want what’s best for the team, I want what’s best for me as a player.  If I play well, our team is going to play well. It just goes to preparation and doing everything you possibly can,” Stafford said Saturday after reporting to camp.

Ryan’s numbers before working with House were respectable but really took a leap after working with him.


  • Yards: 4,591
  • TD: 21
  • INT: 16


  • Yards: 4,944
  • TD: 38
  • INT: 7

What does this mean for Stafford? well of course just because Ryan was able to go to the next level after training with House does not guarantee Staffords numbers will increase the same way, but if they do here’s what Lions fan have to look forward to this coming year.

2016 stats  

  • Yards: 4,327
  • TD: 24
  • INT: 10

2017 projections

  • Yards: 4,660
  • TD: 43
  • INT: 4

It was not all that long ago that many Falcon fans were ready to give up on Ryan, only to be rewarded with an NFC Championship last season. Perhaps Lions fans who are also disgruntled with their QB should take note.

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