Lions WR Golladay will get his chance against Patriots

It’s that time of year when one game performances are often overblown and the hype runs wild. 

After Detroit Lions rookie wide receiver Kenny Golladay hauled in two touchdown passes in week one of the preseason, the follow-up would not be easy to match. 

That was exactly the case against the New York Jets. 

Golladay was limited to one catch for a whopping six yards. It was a clean hands grab that went for a first down, but hardly the encore fans were expecting. 

On the Wednesday practice leading up to the Jets matchup, Golladay’s hype was ascending to new levels. He was briefly promoted and received first string reps with QB Matthew Stafford

To many fan’s dismay, when Stafford and the Lions were in the red zone last week, Golladay was still on the sidelines. Often assumed Golladay and fellow rookie TE Michael Roberts were brought aboard for their red zone prowess, the Lions brass is still making the young-guns earn their keep. 

Golladay only played four snaps with the starting unit. Meanwhile, WR TJ Jones saw 16. 

It’s obvious that Golladay is still yet to to supplant the fourth-year receiver out of Notre Dame

Until now… It may not be the exact circumstances in which you would like to see Golladay with the first team, but nevertheless, it’s happening. 

The incumbent third receiver, TJ Jones, suffered a hamstring injury against the Jets. Head coach Jim Caldwell said it was only minor, but rarely are hamstring injuries ever just a one week deal (note: Eric Ebron). 

Finally, in the dress rehearsal preseason game, we will all get what we have been pining to see: Matthew Stafford throwing passes to Kenny Golladay. 

This week is not the Colts or Jets either. It’s the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. This game will be a great litmus test for what the Lions could have at WR for the regular season. 

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