Lions QB Stafford could cost less than expected

With an extension for the Detroit Lions quarterback on the horizon, Matthew Stafford may be cheaper than the expected $26 million. 

Adam Shefter of ESPN recently tweeted that Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders is close to finalizing an agreement worth $25 million a year. 

That still would be the biggest contract in the history of the NFL, but not as high as past years QB contracts relative to the percentage of salary cap. This extension would set the new bar for Stafford to surpass. 

Carr is no slouch and is one of the few up-and-coming talents. Both franchise QBs should have similar cap numbers. 

The Carr deal is not finalized quite yet, but it could be done by the end of the week. Between Stafford, Carr and possibly Kirk Cousins, the last one to sign this offseason will probably be the highest paid. Carr blinked first. 

The last time GM Bob Quinn discussed the progress of Stafford’s new contract, he was very optimistic. The Carr deal is another peice of the puzzle to fall into place before the Stafford deal is signed–even if he is unwilling to admit it. 

Important to note, much like Stafford, neither Cousins nor Carr have a career playoff win to their name. 

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