Lions Head Coach Candidates

Jim Caldwell has officially been let go as the head coach of the Detroit Lions. It is now time to take a look at some of the top candidates for the reigns to this team. Let’s get started.

(No specific order)

1. Matt Patricia, defensive coordinator, New England:

It’s no secret that Patricia will be a hot commodity for head coaching vacancies this season. A lot of big names are endorsing him, saying he is overqualified and should’ve been a HC years ago. He would bring some grit to this team, along with a passion to win.

The only thing that worries me is that he is a primarily defensive coach (which might be better for Lions OC Jim Bob Cooter and QB Matthew Stafford¬†as they would have full control over the offense). Another worrisome point is the fact that Bill Belichick‘s coordinators never quite live up to expectations as head coaches.

I would say Patricia is the No. 1 guy on Bob Quinn‘s list.

2. Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator, Minnesota:

This is a name that has been popping up all over social media as a candidate. He has made the Minnesota Vikings offense look good without their starting quarterback, running back, and with an average-at-best offensive line. Shurmur has even made QB Kase Keenum look like a legit starter after being a journeyman his entire career.

The Lions have already asked to interview Shurmur, so that could mean he’s a top option in the eyes of the front office. He has the resume and the recent success of what we are looking for– I would say he’s a top candidate.

3. Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator, New England:

Another New England Patriots coordinator. As we all know, his first stint with an NFL team wasn’t great. With that said, I think it was mostly due to his lack of experience with player personnel. He may have bitten off more than he could chew in Denver.

Since his time coaching the Broncos, the 41-year old has consistently adapted and helped Tom Brady with his prolific offense.

McDaniels would bring diversity to this offense and might be the best option for Stafford. He could make him into the top-5 QB we all know he can be.

4. Matt LaFleur, offensive coordinator, Los Angeles Rams:

Now, this one is the least likely to happen. Seeing as he’s been an offensive coordinator for only one year, the experience just may not be enough.

In my opinion, I would love to see LaFleur in Detroit. Since he began coaching, he’s found a way to get the most out of his offense. He would be a great option as an OC, but I doubt he would leave the Rams for the same job somewhere else. Maybe in a few years we can bring him in, but I think he stays put.

5. Mike Vrabel, defensive coordinator, Houston:

Similar to Patricia, Vrabel is a defensive mind. Like I said before, that could be to our advantage. Vrabel is a young up-and-comer and there are rumors he is already on the Lions radar. As a former player, players respect his views a lot more and he brings a tenacity and energy to the defense.

The only negative is he is young and inexperienced. Every great head coach has to start somewhere.

Personal Selection: Matt Patricia.

There are 3 simple reasons why: 1. Experience. 2. Intelligence. 3. Winning mindset. Before, my biggest gripe was not knowing if he could run an entire team and conduct an offense. In Detroit, he won’t have to carry the offense seeing as we could retain Jim Bob Cooter– it could be a match made in heaven for Lions fans.

Stay tuned as Quinn said today he will notify the public after each interview.

We will announce the hire as soon as it’s confirmed.

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