Lions Day 3 NFL Draft 2020 Grades

The Detroit Lions began their day with a trade back with the Las Vegas Raiders. By dropping back 12 spots in the fourth round, they regain possession of pick No. 172 — which is the same pick they got for Quandre Diggs and then traded away to move up in round three for Jonah Jackson.

Logan Stenberg: The Lions decide to double-dip on the interior of their offensive line by selecting back-to-back lineman. The last time they did that was for Jeff Backus and Dominic Raiola. Stenberg is known as “Mr. Nasty” and has a very aggressive demeanor in a good way. He wants to punish the man in front of him and make him quit. Great, old school mindset, however, this does lead to penalties. Stenberg made first-team all-SEC and has not missed a start in three seasons.

Grade: B

Quinte Cephus: Cephus is a shifty, but not speedy, receiver from Wisconsin. He has limited deep speed but still creates separation from running crisp routes and beating press coverage off the line very well.

Grade: C+

Jason Huntley: Huntley was the 172nd overall pick the Lions received from the Raiders while trading down earlier in the day.  In my opinion, this is by far the worst pick in the draft for the Lions. Instead of taking the stand out punter from Texas A&M, Braden Mann, the Lions draft another running back. If Huntley can even make the roster, he will be RB5 — the Lions typically only keep four. He does provide value as a pass-catcher and as a punt and kick return man. However, Swift can catch out of the backfield and the Lions also have a return specialist in Jamal Agnew. I don’t see why the Lions made this pick with some of the notable names who were still available at greater positions of need.

Grade: F

John Penisini: By selecting Penisini, the Lions bounce back nicely after their previous blunder. A space-eater who can wreck the middle in the run defense department. He does lack athleticism and has limited to no pass rush ability, but to get a guy who can clog the middle this well and at this stage in the draft, it’s a very solid pick.

Grade: B

Jashon Cornell: The Lions dip into the Ohio State pool for the third time. Cornell was an underperformer in college after being a five-star recruit. To be fair, Ohio State had some amazing talent on their defensive line over the last few years which buried Cornell on the depth chart. Between his versatility (he can play anywhere on the defensive line), his potential, and how late in the draft he was selected, I like this pick.

Grade: B

Day-three final grade: C

Lions overall draft class: B

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