5 Lions who impressed and 5 who did not

After the Detroit Lions first preseason game of the year, a few players caught my attention. Some for good reasons and some for bad.

I understand this is a very small sample size, but with only four preseason games, some players can’t afford a slow start.

5 players that impressed:

1. QB Matthew Stafford: He only had one drive, but Stafford showed me a lot. Stafford had three throws and all three he showed great discipline. On the first attempt, he read the defense and dumped it off to Ameer Abdullah. He hit him in stride allowing him to gain yards after the catch. Stafford’s second throw was a fluttering pass on point to T.J. Jones. Once again, he leads him so he could get more yards after catch. Stafford’s third and final throw of the game hit one of the teams most reliable receivers, Marvin Jones, in his hands before it popped up and was caught by the defense for an interception. Can’t blame Stafford for putting it in the hands of his target.

2. WR Kenny Golladay:  The hype train is real. Golladay is starting to become someone to keep your eye on anytime he is on the field. Golladay had three catches for 53 yards, and two touchdowns. His performance easily stands out over the other WR’s.

3. DT A’Shawn Robinson: Robinson lead the NFL last year in batted balls from the DT position as a rookie. This game was no different as he batted down two passes in his limited play. He was also able to collapse the pocket and allow his DE to finish off the play with a sack.

4. LT Greg Robinson: Robinson was very consistent and overall had a solid performance. When he made a mistake, his athleticism made up for it and he had a wonderful recovery by not allowing the man that beat him to make the play. Good news for the stop-gap left tackle.

5. DE Anthony Zettel:  He did not show up as much on the stat sheet as some of the others on this list, but he was always around the ball. Forcing the offense to go away from him with the pressure he brought and allowing his teammates to finish the play off.  FOX may have said his name more than any other throughout the game–just always around the play.

5 players that have some work to do:

1. WR Marvin Jones: Jones had the drop that lead to the interception. Stafford hit him in the hands and the ball went though and off the Colts CB’s shoulder pad into the air, caught by a linebacker for the INT. Ameer Abdullah said Jones is “leaps and bounds better than last year.” I understand this was just one play, but it was a bad one.

2. OG Graham Glasgow: Glasgow gave up a few pressures. I kept a close eye on Robinson next to him and noticed more times than not, Robinson was doing well as Glasgow was getting beat.

3. RB Zach Zenner:  Zenner struggled at times. Besides his first run, he missed a key block on third down, causing for the play to break down and the Lions to punt. Not only that, it also allowed for his QB to take a big hit. Overall, just not as impressive as what you saw from him late last season. He is clearly behind Riddick, Abdullah, and just ahead of Washington.

4. TE Michael Roberts: Roberts had the most interesting day of all in my opinion. Roberts had one drop and two pseudo fumbles–one of which called back after “forward progress” was stopped. The other fumbled out of bounds. Roberts had a nice block but left his feet and took himself out of the play as well.

5. QB Brad Kayaa:  The Lions third team offense was a mess for most of the game. Before Kayaa came into the game, the Lions had zero penalties. On Kayaa’s first drive, the Lions had three in four plays, including two false starts. I don’t know what Kayaa does differently then Stafford or Rudock, but only a Kayaa-led team had issues. That could very well be working with fringe roster players. On 3rd and 27, he completed a check down for three yards to his RB. On such a play when you are battling for a roster spot, I’d like to see him do more with the ball.

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