5 Key Matchups for the Detroit Lions vs the Minnesota Vikings

Coming into this game, I thought the Minnesota Vikings did not stand a chance against the Lions this week. However, being the home team and looking at the numbers, this game may come down to the wire.

1.  RB Delvin Cook vs Lions LBs

 Cook is the main guy you have to stop in this Minnesota offense. Not only is a is he a strong runner leading the NFL in broken tackles, but he can also catch the ball out of the backfield like Riddick.  

The Lions linebacking core may be weak again this week with Davis  questionable with a concussion. If Davis returns that would be a huge upgrade for the Lions.

2. Glover Quin vs Deep Routes

Quin has had an amazing year so far only 3 weeks into the season. He specializes in the cover-2 defense, helping out the cornerback on his side of the field. With the Vikings receivers being number two and number three in the NFL in yards this year when will have his work cut out for him this game.

. Golden Tate vs Harrison Smith

Golden Tate put Harrison Smith on notice last year with a giant stiff arm. I’m sure Smith will  want his revenge in this game, this is going to be a key matchup to watch, even more so with Tate taking more snaps out of the slot this year.

4. Marvin Jones vs Xavier Rohdes

Marvin Jones has been getting the number one wide receiver treatment so far this year. This game against the Vikings will be no different. Rhodes is an elite corner in the NFL and Jones will have his work cut out for him.

5Lions DBs vs Case Keenum

The Lions defensive backs have seven interceptions this season through three games. Fans might remember Case Keenum throwing 19 straight completions against us as a Ram last year. 
This is a different team this year and even though Keenum has performed well, I don’t believe he has the skill set to defeat these new Lion defenders.

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