5 Key Matchups for Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

1. LT Brian Mihalik vs GB pass rush

Mihalik did a fantastic job last week vs the Steelers in his first career start as he did not give up a sack. This week will be a more difficult situation though between switching from the DE to the blitzing LB who is normally Clay Matthews.  Green Bay does a very good job of causing confusion to opponents offensive lines, communication will be key in only his second career start.

2. QB Stafford vs GB Defensive Backs

Stafford carved the number one rated Steelers defense last week for 423 yards, with no interceptions. The Lions offense stalled in the red zone but that has not been an area the Lions have struggled in on a consistent basis. If Stafford can move the ball like he did, now facing a much worse pass defense; The Lions will be in great shape for this game. Stafford has gone into Green Bay and come out with the win before and unless this team falls apart completely there’s a very good chance he does that again.

3. QB Brett Hundley  vs Lions DB

Hundley is a very inexperienced QB who in his two starts has one TD and four INTs. His QB rating is 40.5. Now off a bye week to work on things. He is going to continue to play like the worst starting QB in the NFL?

He does not have an easy task ahead of him throwing against the Lions secondary staring Glover Quin and Darius Slay. I expect the Lions defensive backs to cover well and give the defensive line more time to get to Hundley. Hopefully, this leads to some coverage sacks or forces Hundley to make a few poor throws that the Lions can capitalize on.

4. Lions pass rush vs GB O-Line

The Lions have to get pressure on Hundley this week. Over the last two games, the Lions have had zero sacks. Between the inexperienced QB and Green Bay leaning on the run game, the Lions have to send blitzes and make Hundley move out of the pocket and to make quick decisions on the move.

5. RB Aaron Jones vs Lions LBs

Jones has been a force since starting for the Packers a few weeks ago. Since Rodgers went down, the Packers are leaning heavily on Jones for offensive production. It will be up to the Lions linebackers to fill the gaps and not allow Jones to take over this game. Jarrad Davis has been a great addition to this defense, as well as Jalen Reeves-Maybin both were flying to the ball last Sunday night. If they can do the same in this game, it would force Brett Hundley to try to beat our secondary.

So far this season the Lions rank in the top five for run defense only allowing 3.6 yards per carry.

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