5 Key Matchups for the Detroit Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. CB Darius Slay vs WR Mike Evans

Slay has been consistently a top-2 corner all year long, however, he tends to struggle when shadowing the taller framed receivers, such as Evans. Evans has had a good year so far with 735-yards and four touchdowns. Last week, Green Bay held him to only 33-yards. Lions should definitely be in a good position to win if Evans has a similar performance.

2. QB Matthew Stafford vs QB Jameis Winston

Love highlighting two former No. 1 overall picks going head to head. Stafford, so far in his career, is proving to be way out of Winston’s league. However, Stafford has a pretty banged up throwing hand after being pummeled by Suggs last week.

Stafford has already been sacked more time this year than all of last year and there are still four games to go. Keep an eye on his hand, not only because it is pretty beat up, but the coaching staff of Tampa Bay said in an interview they plan on targeting it.

3.  LB Jarrad Davis vs RB Doug Martin

Davis has proven game after game that he is not ready to be a consistent contributor in the NFL as of yet. No matter the case, the Lions seem to be sticking with him and letting him be thrown into the fire with no lifeline. The coaching staff has almost eliminated him completely from his early season 3rd-down role.

Martin is not what he use to be but the Lions can’t stop the run after Ngata departed with his injury earlier this season.

4. Lions O-Line vs Tampa Bay Pass Rush

Lions are going to be without starting right tackle, Rick Wagner, marking the 8th time in 13 games the Lions will have a different starting O-Line. Even with Wagner in the lineup, he has had a down year. Hopefully, the Lions can take advantage of the Bucs weak line. It may be hard to believe, but the Bucs have less sacks than the Lions this year.

5. Lions RB vs LB Lavonte David

Hopefully with the weak defensive front of the Bucs, the Lions may be able to get a 100-yard rusher. Tampa Bay has allowed more than 100-yards per game on the ground this year. With the chance of starting RB Abdullah coming back to play, and the emergence of Tion Green last week, there is a chance that happens today. The biggest worry on defense has to be their star LB Lavonte David. If the Lions can put a man on him, they should be easily able to break some big runs.


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