Lions GM Quinn interested in acquiring more draft picks

Another offseason is in full swing for Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn, and the pressure is steadily building. The honeymoon phase may be just beginning with new head coach Matt Patricia, but Quinn has heightened expectations going into the 2018 NFL Draft.

The third-year GM has made his team building philosophy very clear: Free agency should fill holes but the draft is where the core talent is procured. After a relatively uneventful offseason so far, he is not deviating from his plan.

At the NFL owners meeting on Monday, Quinn was able to answer some general questions regarding the upcoming season.

“You want to really build your team, you know, through the offseason to go into the draft without a ton of needs,” Quinn said.

In saying this, Quinn will only have six draft picks to round out the remaining roster. No NFL team has fewer selections.

With a decent drafting track record, Quinn will need to hit a home run in 2018 for the Lions to keep pace in the suddenly loaded NFC North. A tall task with only six trips to the draft podium. Fortunately, there is always the opportunity to move down and gather some more draft capital as you go.

Quinn was quite direct about possibly adding more picks to the pot. When asked if he had interest,

“Absolutely. That’s something that will definitely be in the talks I’d say, a week or two leading up to the draft.”

A couple teams in the top half the draft (New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts) have already worked out a blockbuster deal to swap spots. It’s not that easy for a team that sits at 20th overall. There are a lot of different scenarios that could play out in front of them.

No matter the case, Quinn will never escape his association with doing things the “Patriot way.” New England is well known for their strategy of acquiring as many picks as possible. Although Quinn has been pretty quiet in terms of draft-day trades, that doesn’t mean he isn’t always trying.

“Try to get more picks, but it’s easier said than done. Sometime those things really can’t happen until draft day or draft weekend. But we’ll have conversations leading up to it. The more the better.”

Fortunately for the Lions, this year’s class is deep at their positions of need. It may work out perfectly to slide down a few spots and still have the best player on the board align with an upgradable position.

“I feel good with where we are now,” Quinn said. “I think the draft process is kind of not winding down, we’re kind of still in the middle of it, but a good month to go here, so I’m excited about where we’re at. Still a lot more work to do and getting the coaches kind of involved here the last couple weeks has been good.”

The draft is now under a month away. We will just have to wait and see what transpires– trade or not.

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